WWE Elite 70 Vince McMahon Figure Review

It’s Mr McMahon! This figure from WWE Elite series 70 is a classic Vince McMahon figure, which is specifically based on his look from September 1991. Find out the story behind this figure and the not-so-great time Vince had while wearing this outfit on WWF TV at the time, plus – something is VERY WRONG with this figure. We break down a major problem with this figure, and take a look at the toy out of the box.

Rebecca Sugar Explains Theme of “Steven Universe: The Movie”

Cartoon Network premiered the epic “Steven Universe: The Movie” as a commercial-free event that garnered many eyes to TVs on September 2. We at NN2D loved the movie, although we were disappointed with the lack of announcements for more SU. Other than that, everything about it was stellar! Show creator Rebecca Sugar recently did an interview where she explained a little about the concept behind the film, and how it relates to the world she created.

“Battle Supremacy – Ground Assault” Now Available for Nintendo Switch

Atypical Games today launched its latest tactical war game,Battle Supremacy – Ground Assault, for Nintendo Switch. Boasting thousands of customization combinations, dynamic maps and a variety of missions, Battle Supremacy – Ground Assault is the definitive tank simulator for Nintendo Switch. 

This tank-based military simulator puts players right in the driver’s seat to carry out a variety of missions online and off in a player-customized tank. Pit yourself against the best in online play or hone your skills in a variety of offline missions.

Purchase Battle Supremacy – Ground Assault for $19.99 on the Nintendo Switch shop today: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/battle-supremacy-ground-assault-switch/

Features of Battle Supremacy – Ground Assault include: