“Ghostbusters Fan Fest” Highlights Video

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of “Ghostbusters”, Wizard World presented “Ghostbusters Fan Fest”, a two-day event in Culver City, California, to honor the best movie ever made (we may be a little biased).

I Got MORE WWE Zombie figures!

My newest collection of wrestling figures will make your blood run cold and your brains leak out of your head! I am still buying WWE Zombies figures by Mattel, and this time, I force Vinny to look at the latest batch I picked up. He’s not too keen on the gross undead versions of Matt and Jeff Hardy, Finn Balor, Nakamura, Kane, and the Undertaker, but these toys are way too cool and unique to be ignored.

Making the VFX of “Ghostbusters” Look Great Through Editing

Richard Edlund and Sheldon Kahn discuss how they were forced to work with a tiny visual FX budget of $5 million USD, and what they did to make it look as good as it did through the magic of editing. Filmed during Ghostbusters Fan Fest.

Jason and Ivan Reitman show deleted scenes at “Ghostbusters Fan Fest”

Father and son directing duo, Ivan and Jason Reitman, sat down to have a conversation at Ghostbusters Fan Fest, and brought a few never before seen surprises with them with alternate takes from the original movie.

How the Marshmallow Man made it into Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters Fan Fest

Film editor Sheldon Kahn explains the origins of the Staypuft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters, and how the test audiences reacted the first time they saw it.

Creating the ghosts for Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters Fan Fest

Raw unedited footage of Billy Bryan, Richard Edlund and Sheldon Kahn discussing the origins, creation process and stories behind many of the famous apparitions from “Ghostbusters” including Slimer, the taxi ghost and the librarian ghost.

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