Matt Reeves’ “Batman” Movie Set To Start Filming At End Of 2019

It’s going to be a strange new frontier for DC Comics movies in 2020, with their goal to make films stand-alone and less intertwined like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “Shazam” has started that trend and the next “Wonder Woman” and “Aquaman” films will continue it. We also know that the upcoming “Batman” movie will live on its own merits, and we now know when it will begin production.

Watch the entire 90’s “Mega Man” Cartoon Show For FREE

Growing up in the 1990s was a great time for cartoons. You could enjoy all the hits from the ’80’s along with all the new shows from the times. Saturday mornings were the best mornings, while Sundays were usually solid but not quite as good. However, it was those days, as well as weekday early morning syndicated shows before school started that really stuck with us.

After Epic Season Finale, “Steven Universe” Is Just Getting Started

“Steven Universe” is a favorite here at Nerd News Today, and that season finale from a few months ago still has us rocked. It could have been a series finale the way it wrapped up, but thankfully it won’t be. Many things came to a close but there are certainly some new loose threads hanging around, and that means the show is now free to take a deeper examination of the titular protagonist.

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