A Boy and His Blind Box: “Crashlings” review


Back at NY Toy Fair 2014, we first heard about the latest blind-box style mini-figures from Wicked Cool Toys, the Crashlings! Our wicked cool friend at the company let us grab a handful of the mystery figures to play with, so it seems like an appropriate time for a boy and his blind box to return to Nerd News Today and see what he can uncover!


The Crashlings mini-figures each come in a tiny asteroid ball made of a soft rubber that is 1 1/2 inches tall, which we will talk about a bit more later since this container doubles as an accessory. Each series within the wave is color-coded to make it easier to find a specific breed, such as green being for aliens, blue for sea creatures, grey for dinosaurs, red for insects, and black for monsters!


And here are my first three Crashlings! The last two (from left to right) are Space Rocker and Meteor Mammoth, and for the time being, I can not name the Vampire fellow on the far left since I lost his name page. Each figure is about an inch tall, and for a mini-figure this small, the detail of the paint job is very good. Not even for a mass=produced level, but overall there was no slop or misaligned colors, and while these might not be super-detailed, what is done is done well. There are a few very tiny paint specks, but you would need to look very closely to see those.


Shake yo’ booty, Crashlings! On the underside is a small hole, making these guys equally useful as pencil toppers. I don’t know if kids are still into pencil toppers, but back in my day, these were the rage and I like seeing a higher-end version of them back on toy shelves (higher-end in comparision to 25-cent vending machines at super markets).


Here is a size comparison next to a Doctor Who mini-figure and a Kid Robot Spiderman Dunny zipper pull, and below are pics of each Crashling on their own.





Each Crashling comes packed with a fact sheet called a “Crash-tronomy” Chart related to which species they are from (pictured above is the Dino sheet). This very tiny piece of paper is folded neatly inside the orbs, and opens to unveil all 30 creatures, and reminds you that there are still over 150 more Crashlings to collect. Aside from telling you the names of each little creature, the back of this sheet also explains different ways to play with them. Not all Crashlings are created equally, as this chart also lets you know which monsters are common, rare, ultra rare, and “Special Edition”, the hardest of all to find.


This is where that tiny meteor comes into the picture, as it is actually an elastic cup that you can push in, and once it releases, it sends your Crashling flying into the air! I was unable to capture a photo of this since it happens very fast, but these little dudes will soar through the sky, so when you do play with these, make sure to do it in a controlled environment so you do not lose them as easily.

Overall, these Crashlings are a lot of fun and priced to move! The designs for the characters are cute and creative, and designed with a younger child in mind. This feels like Pokemon back when they were fresh and innovative, but much more kid-friendly with their design and color schemes.

Great for little kids and even adult collectors, Wicked Cool Toys is also releasing some playsets which we will be reviewing son as well, so keep your eyes to the stars and look out for the invasion of the Crashlings!

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