A Boy and His Blind Box: Kidrobot “The Simpsons” Mini-Figures Series 2


Kidrobot and The Simpsons go together like Duff beer on a warm Smarch day (two references – one sentence). With the success of their first series of mini-figures, Kidrobot released a second series of new blind box toys featuring Matt Groening’s famous cartoon creations. Back with some old favorites in new ways, and some new fan favorites that did not get the toy treatment in the first wave, this second batch has a lot to offer to buyers of figures and Simpsons merchandise.


The second series of Simpsons mini-figures includes 25 new figures, including both a zombified version and a Mariachi band version of all five members of the Simpsons family, as well as other characters like Sideshow Mel, Groundskeeper Willie, Otto the Bus Driver, Patti & Selma, Milhouse, and many others. The packaging lets you know the rarity and odds to get the specific figures, which makes opening the packages even more exciting. Blind boxes are always a gamble, but it’s much more fun when you know what is at stake.

The packaging art is great too, with the same design as the Keychains but with the figures instead.


Each blind box contains one silver bag that hides the character within it. Nothing fancy, and it sadly does not come with a jagged metal Krusty-O, but we can only hope that becomes a contest in the future (are you reading this, Kidrobot?).

I bought four of these blind boxes, so let’s rip into them one by one and see who I got!


First off, one of the more common figures, is Karl. Homer’s co-worker at the Nuclear Power Plant and resident bar fly, Karl Karlson has a great smug look on his face that resembles his idle pose on the show. Along with his iconic outfit, him and Lenny are an easy pair to snag since they are both the same rarity, so chances are if you buy a few of these figures, you should be able to complete the couple.


Everyone’s favorite disgruntled/ suicidal bartender, Moe Syzlak! That is a face only a mother could love, but clearly Moe’s did not. I love the sculpting on Moe, it really captures the grooves and bumps that make that mug so distinctly Moe.


Mariachi Homer! Homer comes with a removable Mariachi sombrero and a tiny guitar which fits in his hands with a bit of effort. The hat is almost as big as his entire body is, but it balances easily on his bald dome, and rests snuggly so you do not need to worry about it causing your figure to topple over.


“Hi, everybody!” “Hi, Dr. Nick!” You have no idea how excited I was to get Dr. Nick Riviera, who looks amazing! From his goatee to his signature clothing, Dr. Nick was easily my favorite of the four I unboxed.


Each mini-figure comes boxed with a small collector’s card with the figures production art on it, a neat collectible and something that comes with most of these larger-scale Kidrobot blind box figurines.


The figures are all roughly three inches tall, and most come without accessories (with the exception of the Mariachi family figures). The sculpting nails the look and feel of the characters, and the clean paint job completes them. The Simpsons are not super detailed characters to begin with, but Kidrobot has matched the clothes, colors, and appearances of all the characters and makes some great mini-figures. I do wish that more of figures came with accessories of some kind, but if my only complaint is asking for more stuff from a very good figure, then I really don’t have any complaints after all – I’m just being greedy!


These mini-figures will range in the $10-15 range, depending on where you buy them from. These are an easy buy for me no matter what the price, and I give these two yellow thumbs up!

A special third series is on the way as well, which is inspired by Treehouse of Horror episodes and features 12 toys based on the great moments from those Halloween episodes, including Mr. Burns as Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Homer with a donut for a head, and Kudos & Kang.

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