A Boy and His Blind Box: Tokidoki “Marvel Frenzies”

A long time ago, back when I wrote for another toy news site, I started a feature about blind box toys. I have always been a fan of the blind box toy, especially the Japanese ones since you can never really be disappointed with your selection from those. Other toy collectors may not be too interested in not knowing what they are getting and would rather hit up eBay for the full set or to cherry-pick, but for a true collector, it’s the hunt that matters.

After a few years away from that particular site, I decided today it was time to bring this series back on my site. What better way to start it with than these mini-collectibles from Tokidoki, and just in time for the epic release of “The Avengers”. Marvel Frenzies takes the iconic Marvel superheroes and villains and re-imagines them through the mind of Simone Legno in that signature style that has become a part of Tokidoki’s charm. There are twenty characters total in this wave, so let’s take a look and see which ones I end up with!

The art on the boxes is colorful and easy to recognize. Anyone can tell who is who from Marvel by their specific attributes, such as Spidey’s eyes or Wolverine’s pointy ears. Even a collector who is not familiar with Tokidoki will instantly be able to pick apart the characters and be intrigued by the unique designs.

The sides of the box also feature a bizarre little comic page with some of the other characters in this series. Why does Captain America love burgers? Because he is American of course, just like how Dr Doom stews on his throne like all Latverian’s do (assuming they existed). My favorite would be on the top of this side, which has Cyclops using his optic blast to roast a leg of meat.

The figures are housed inside silver pouches with a very easy to tear slit on each side, along with the Tokidoki logo all over it. What characters lurked inside these metallic mystery bags? Let’s rip them open and find out!

First up was Rogue, wearing her iconic X-Men outfit from the mid-90’s, popularized by the Saturday morning animated series. You have to love the little details in these little figures, which stand a mere inch and a half tall. Rogue’s eyelashes stand out, as her hands on her hips give her that Southern attitude that Marvel fans are accustomed to. While her figure may not be as sultry as a ten-inch tall Kotobukiya statue, her curves remain intact, as do the little details on her costume like her belt that hangs low on her waist and her knee-high boots.

The paint can be a bit iffy in some spots on Rogue, but that is easily forgiven when you remember the scale of the figures. Rogue is a character that requires more paint than the average character, so I am not docking any points on the occasional paint mishap.

Rogue is not the only female character in this line, which also features Storm from the X-men and another Storm, Sue Stork AKA The Invisible Woman from The Fantastic Four.

Joining us in bag numero dos is the former herald of Galactus and most emo character in Marvel comics until Penance emerged after “The Civil War”, The Silver Surfer. With no discernible facial features, Surfer does have a very shiny coat of paint that is quite reflective like the “real” Surfer. I use quotation marks since he is not exactly real… at least to most people…

Surfer is crouched deep on his surf board as he careens through the galaxy in a very dynamic pose, possibly the most dynamic of all the Frenzies. Surfer is not the only Frenzy with a vehicle, as Captain America is riding a skateboard (he is also carrying a cheeseburger, since all Americans ride skateboards and love cheeseburgers.

Some of the other characters in this line include Thor, The Punisher, Wolverine, Iron Man, Doctor Octopus, and even The Vision from The Avengers. Tokidoki has gone out of their way to have a very eclectic mix of characters, and have successfully captured their likenesses, redesigned them in the TD style, and squashed them into 1 1/2 inches.

These are some fun blind box figures, and one of the best parts about them is that they can double as keychains. Each one comes with a thin lanyard that you can use, as well as a proper latch to attach them to your backpack, cell phone, or wherever else you want to snag them onto.

“Marvel Frenzies” is a fun blind box figure that covers many bases. Hardcore fans will appreciate the characters in their signature poses, while anime fans will love the chibi-style that does not go too far into the realms of obnoxiously cute. Combined with the keychain, these collectibles can fit in on a shelf, nailed on a wall, or hanging on a book bag. I say give these blind boxes a shot and see who you end up with.

If you liked these figures, you can pick them up straight from Tokidoki’s site at this link here for $5.95 each! Check out the gallery below for more shots of these toys!

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