Behold the “WCW VS Marvel” Comic that never happened

Did you ever want to see what would happen if Captain America was locked in the Sharpshooter by Bret Hart? Now, we finally have the answer to that age-old question that no one ever actually asked until today!

The fine folks over at WCW Worldwide uncovered this long lost gem, which is a page of a comic from a canceled Marvel/ Toy Biz/ WCW venture.

It started as an idea for a toyline from Toy Biz, who were hot off the popularity of their Marvel VS Capcom two-pack line among other video game and comic licenses. Toy Biz was doing the WCW toys as well, and had just released their WCW Slam Force toys, which were the wrestlers of WCW as super heroes that came packaged with mini-comics, pictured below.


Artist Chris Bautista was hired to draw the WCW VS Marvel comic, including this page with “The Hitman” Bret Hart taking on Captain America, which one lucky person owned and sent photos of it to the WCW Worldwide site:


Additional pages were also discovered, drawn by J.J. Kirby:



Not much else is known about this comic right now, but we will keep you updated as this progresses. It is easy to see why the comic never made it to a full release, since WCW was on the skits and near death. Sadly, we were robbed of what could have been one of the last greatest toylines of the 1990’s.

Marvel had previously done a WCW comic in the early 90’s that lasted a full 12 issues, and was pretty awesome in it’s own right, but that is a story for another day.

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