Capcom Admits “Street Fighter V” Needed More Time

Street Fighter V was one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, but when it finally arrived, it faced major criticism for its skeletal package that didn’t even include all of the standard fighting game content—such as a story mode.

Since the game’s release in February, there have been regular updates that include new characters and modes. Still, there’s this sense among many fans that Capcom released a game that clearly wasn’t finished to maximize profits. But in a recent earnings presentation, Capcom revealed that Street Fighter V sold less copies than originally projected: only 1.4 million of an expected 2 million as of March 31.

People are left wondering – will Capcom release a new edition of the game with the missing pieces, or offer a season pass for additional content? There’s also the question of how much Street Fighter fever will be restored once competitions like the Evo Fighting Championships are around the corner.

For now, though, Capcom plans to dedicate more time to developing upcoming releases, citing Street Fighter V‘s reception and sales numbers as a major factor for the adjustment.

“[It]’s best to spend a little more time in developing and running a high-quality title that will perform well globally,” Capcom said. “For example, some aspects of Street Fighter V needed more polish, such as the lack of content and server issues at launch. Accordingly, we feel it’s better to give a little more time to development than before, and have made slight adjustments to our portfolio. Profits may take one or two years longer to stack up than initially expected, however we will be firmly strengthening our brands.”


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