Cartoon Network announces five partners to create “Steven Universe” toys

Cartoon Network has just signed on five partners for their hit animated series, “Steven Universe”. Funko, Just Toys International, PhatMojo, Toy Factory and Zag Toys will be creating all kinds of products based on Rebecca Sugar’s hugely-popular show, one that the folks that write this site are immense fans of.


Funko and Just Toys International will be launching their products in time for this holiday season, with Funk creating vinyl figures from their “Pop!” series based on Steven and the Gems (Amethyst, Pearl and Garnet, and maybe others in the future), while Just Toys will release an assortment of blind bag novelty products including dog tags, fun packs, minis, 3D backpack hangers and other things. Expect to see all of these items pop up in Hot Topic and similar retailers.

In spring of 2016, PhatMojo will launch an assortment of plushies as well as foam and plush weapons from show, and Zag Toys will have mini-figures, including bobble heads, that we will hopefully see during NY Toy Fair 2016. Personally, I am grateful that the line was not picked up by Jazwares, who did not do such a stellar job with their toys from “Regular Show” nor the upcoming figures from “Gravity Falls”.

Toy Factory is expected to add a line of plush and assorted novelty items in 2017, so keep your eyes open and your money saved for whatever they make. I look forward to seeing what Funko makes, especially if the line does well and we can get a bobble-head of a gem fusion!

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