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“Lupin III” Fan-Movie trailer has hijinx aplenty

LUPIN III The fan-movie (Teaser in Italiano) from Gabriel Cash on Vimeo.

“Lupin III” has been one of the most popular franchises in manga and anime since its inception, and continues to inspire new ideas decades after it was created. Case in point, this new fan-film coming soon!

Directed by Gabriel Cash, the film features a cast including Luca Conticelli, Yoon C.Joyce, Andrea Baglio, Francesca Gavardi, Miky Falcicchio, Mario Sechi and Vely Kant. The trailer, and most likely the entire film, is in Italian, but the language difference does not affect any of the hijinx. This is a very faithful adaptation down to the costumes and even facial expressions (seriously, the dude playing Lupin is my new idol). I look forward to the day this officially becomes released, so stay tuned for updates as the project continues.

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Two floppy drives play “The Imperial March” from “Star Wars”

Here’s what AGH University of Science and Technology students in Poland do in their free time. The techies set up a pair of floppy disk drives (remember those, they used to be huge storage media devices with a whopping 1 MB of space) to play John Williams’ “Imperial March” from The Star Wars movies. I think it is even more sinister when you think of the context – machines ominously playing the song that will soon be their anthem when they take over the world. James Cameron saw it coming with “Terminator”, so don’t say you weren’t warned when your iPhone starts chewing your brains out from one ear to the other.

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