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IAmElemental Courage Action Figure Review

Today we take a look at a toy that is long overdue for a review on this channel.

This is the 6.5″ Courage action figure from series 1 of IAmElemental. This is the Core figure of the line, which is made up of six smaller figures and features one deluxe figure that highlights the heroic element that ties the entire first series together, Courage.

NOTE: We were wrong about the articulation being over 20 points… it’s actually over 30 points of articulation!

Brian Volk-Weiss talks “The Toys That Made Us”

Brian Volk-Weiss, the creator of the hit Netflix series “The Toys That Made Us” talks with Matthew from for an in-depth interview on one of the best geeky documentaries that you can watch today.

With Season 3 announced not long ago at SDCC 2018, Brian tells us about the new season, talks to us about how an episode of the show gets made, the dizzying amount of prep and research to craft an episode, and explains what toy lines we may see in future episodes, as well as what we definitively won’t.

He also informs us about a part of the show which will be cut from the newest season, and how long he thinks the series will last.

Plus, Brian shows our viewers the holy grails of his toy collection for the first time ever on camera!

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Japanese Blind Box Toy Unboxing Volume 2 – CATS!

It’s time for more Japanese blind box toys! This time, we look at a bunch of Cat toys from Bandai and Clever Idiots.

If you liked the toys from this video, please support our site and use the affiliate links below to order them from Amazon:

Cafe Du Meow keychains –

Meowditation cats –

Sushi Cats series –

And check out the Clever Idiots homepage to see more of their blind box toys and plushes –

NECA SDCC 2018 Exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Figures Box Set Review

Cowabunga! We got the SDCC 2018 Exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Figures Box Set from NECA, and we were overwhelmed with how radical these toys were. You have to check out the level of detail in these 7-inch tall figures that we have been waiting on for some time.

Check out this video to see if they are worth scouring the secondary market for to add these TMNT figs into your collection!

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Doctor Who Series 4 Micro Figures Review

It’s time for another Mystery Figure Monday, and on this one, we revisit Doctor Who!

We have checked out many Doctor Who toys before, but today we look at series 4 of the Doctor Who Micro Figures from Character Building. Their company name may not be the catchiest, but the toys are surprisingly good!

We also like this materializing TARDIS with the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond –
And this boxed set of 11 Doctors –

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Justice League Pinmates – Blind Box Unboxing & Review

Bif Bang Pow – WTF M8?

In this Mystery Figure Monday review, we unbox the Justice League Pinmates from Bif Bang Pow. These boxes were supposed to feature characters from the iconic looks of these DC comics characters. What we got instead was… well, you will have to watch and see, and possibly revel in our pain and confusion.

We can’t condone ordering any blind boxes from this line at this time, but we will suggest if you like these, try ordering some of their multi-packs, like this Justice League four-pack with Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg –

Or this very cool Hall of Justice set, that includes Superman and Bizarro with a two-sided diorama –

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Peropero Sparkles plushies review

Say hello to Melo, Rue and Cune – the Peropero Sparkles!

Designed by Japanese illustrator Yurie Sekiya, the Peropero Sparkle plushies are surprisingly adorable and, dare we say, KAWAII plushies by the Clever Idiots. If you are a fan of the 80’s, Lisa Frank, Care Bears, Popples, and everything else cute from that era, then the Peropero Sparkles are for you!

Order your own Peropero Sparkle plushies from Amazon at this link here –

Check out more from the Clever Idiots at the official Kigurumi Shop website

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