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Netflix drops new trailer for “The Punisher”

The Punisher is coming, and your time to see him is soon. Very soon..

Netflix just released a brand spanking new trailer of their exclusive drama about Frank Castle, who entered the Marvel TV Universe during season 2 of Daredevil. This trailer gives us some more info about the mysterious man, and gives us a reminder of how dangerous he is.

Here is the official synopsis from Netflix:

After exacting revenge on those responsible for the death of his wife and children, Frank Castle uncovers a conspiracy that runs far deeper than New York’s criminal underworld. Marvel’s The Punisher premieres globally █████ 2017, only on Netflix.

You will notice the date has been blacked out. I get the feeling we will get that info at NYCC in a few weeks, but I expect that date to be sooner than later.

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“Gotham” season 4 trailer drops – masks aplenty!

I am not a regular viewer of Gotham (in fact, I gave up after the first season), but apparently it has a pretty hardcore fan base. Lo and behold, the series has made it into its fourth season, and I have been in the dark about much of it since the second season. It looks like things are about to get interesting in the upcoming season, so it may be a good time to jump back in.

Season four looks like they are about to enter the more comic book side of things, with costumes and masks all over the place and… well, if your interest is piqued I suggest just giving it a watch. The big bad bat has not shown up yet, but he seems to be peeking out a little to say hello to that cowardly and superstitious lot.

“Gotham” season four premieres on September 21 on Fox.

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“Star Trek: The Next Generation” Titans Vinyl mini-figures unboxing & review

It’s time for not just another blind box unboxing of mini-figures, but another set of Star Trek figures.

Last time, we looked at Titan Vinyls from Titan Merchandise of Star Trek: The Original Series, which we raved about. On this episode, we fast forward deeper into their timeline to look at the “Star Trek: The Next Generation – Make It So Collection” of mystery mini-figures. Featuring most of the core crew members and a few hostile alien races, this was easily our #1 box ever from Titan Merchandise. We liked the TOS figures a lot, but these TNG figures are easily the best mini-figures Titan has made to date. Check out the video to see for yourself.

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“Star Trek” Titans Vinyl mini-figures unboxing & review

It’s time to continue our never-ending voyage to seek out new toys and new toy companies, and open some more blind boxes!

This week, it’s another box from Titan Merchandise, the “Star Trek: Where No Man has Gone Before” collection, featuring favorites from the original Trek series. This was one of our favorite boxes to open to date, and if you watch this video you will see why.

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“Star Trek: Discovery” trailer makes explosive debut at SDCC 2017

It’s time to boldly go where no man has gone before, as Star Trek returns to TV (sort of) with a brand new series. We have seen a few teasers but during SDCC 2017, we got our first full-length trailer of “Star Trek: Discovery”.

I am looking forward to new Trek stories, but I must say that this trailer is pretty jarring and seems to spotlight the best moments of the show with no context. It’s a disturbing trend with sci-fi and superhero movies for the past few years, and this is a very good example of that. This is a hodge-podge of big reveals and exciting moments that look cool, but also give away things I would rather not have known. In fact, I would have preferred more info on why I should care about any of this crew, instead of all the cool things that will happen with no reason as to why they are cool-looking. But, that is just my opinion.

On the plus side, raisin-face Egyptian Klingons.

“Star Trek: Discovery” premieres September 24th on CBS All Access.

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WATCH – Jess Harnell talks “Rick & Morty”, burping on Animaniacs & the origin of his British accent

In this exclusive from BoroughCon 2017, Jess Harnell explains how he did the operatic burping as The Great Wakkorotti on “Animaniacs”, whether or not Scary Terry will return on “Rick & Morty”, details on his next album with his band “Rock Sugar”, and learn how he figured out how to do a British accent.

Don’t forget to check out the panels with Jess as well at this link here, along with the rest of our BoroughCon 2017 coverage.

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WATCH – “Everything Voice Acting” panel from BoroughCon 2017

If you came to this video hoping to learn how to be a voice-over actor or actress, you are in the wrong spot. If you came to this video to see Sean Astin, Jess Harnell, Sarah Natochenny, Steven Blum, Dante Basco, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Johnny Brennan share insane stories from their careers and screw around for over 40 minutes, you came to the right place!

This was easily the best panel from BoroughCon 2017, and is worth every minute. Pull up a chair, don’t drink anything unless you want to do a spit take all over your screen, and get ready to laugh!

Here are a few clips from this panel in case you don’t believe how good it really was:

A fan asked prolific voice actor Steven Blum about the differences between voicing Spike Speigel from “Cowboy Bebop” and Mugen from “Samurai Champloo”, which gave us some interesting info behind the shows. Then things got weird with Dante Basco and Steven’s girlfriend and fellow voice actor, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Real weird.

How did The Nostalgia Critic get Dante Basco to reprise his iconic role of Zuko for a countdown video? Learn the story in this video!

Make sure to check out all of our coverage from BoroughCon 2017, or simply head to our BoroughCon 2017 Youtube playlist to watch them all in one spot!

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WATCH – Jess Harnell has no filter and tells crazy stories at BoroughCon 2017

Jess Harnell is so prolific in voice acting, you probably heard his voice in a dozen cartoons or video games and did not even realize it was him. In this panel from BoroughCon 2017, Jess takes questions from the fans and tells tons of hilarious stories (as well as one very inspiring one) from throughout his career.

Jess also gave us this great one-on-one interview on the con floor, where he talked about being Scary Terry on Rick & Morty, burping as the Great Wakkorotti on Animaniacs, and where his British accent originated from.

If you are not able to watch the full panel, why not check out a few highlights of Jess from throughout the show:

Cree Summer and Jess Harnell were both main characters on Comedy Central’s raunchy and hilarious “Drawn Together” cartoon show. During the “Toons You Grew Up With” panel at BoroughCon 2017, a fan asked about working on that show, and Cree gave her thoughts and Jess told a funny story about it that has a huge twist ending.

And finally, the man behind Wakko Warner and Captain Hero tells a great story about how meeting someone at a convention and being nice to them can absolutely change their lives.

Jess also took part in the “Everything Voice Acting” and “Toons You Grew Up With” panels, which are both worth giving a look.

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WATCH – “Toons You Grew Up With” Panel from BoroughCon 2017

Cree Summer, Jess Harnell, Steve Blum, Grey Delisle and Dante Basco gather onstage to discuss their work on the cartoons that we grew up with, from “Tiny Toons” to “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, Scooby-Doo to Cowboy Bebop, and plenty more.

Make sure to check out their solo panels and all of the other things we will be filming during this event.

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WATCH – Cree Summer talks “A Different World”, “Drawn Together” and more at BoroughCon 2017

Voice over actress extraordinaire Cree Summer was at BoroughCon 2017, and held a panel where she discussed working on shows like “A Different World”, Inspector Gadget, Tiny Toon Adventures, Drawn Together, Codename: Kids Next Door, Batman Beyond, and many other shows in her lengthy resume.

In case you don’t want to watch the full panel, here are a few highlights from it:

Fans at BoroughCon 2017 wanted to know who Cree Summer’s favorite character was to voice? Think you can guess the answer?

During her BoroughCon 2017 Q & A panel, a fan asked Cree Summer about some of her best memories from working on “A Different World”, and here is what she had to say about that.

Cree was also a part of the “Toons You Grew Up With” panel and “Women in Voice Acting” panel.

Cree Summer and Jess Harnell were both main characters on Comedy Central’s raunchy and hilarious “Drawn Together” cartoon show. During the “Toons You Grew Up With” panel at BoroughCon 2017, a fan asked about working on that show, and Cree gave her thoughts and Jess told a funny story about it that has a huge twist ending.

And finally, here is Cree Summer’s best tip for preserving your voice for voice actors… at least for herself. Hey, if it works for her, it might work for you!

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