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100 Ways to Die in “Skyrim”

Youtuber HunterNormandy has a morbid sense of humor, as demonstrated by this amazing 15-minute long video he made of 100 different ways to die in “Skyrim.”

The open-world game from the “Elder Scroll” series has many options to keep you involved in the game for weeks on end, but quite often they tend to lead to death (or if not death, maiming by a large toothsome beast). In this video, HunterNormandy demonstrates one hundred of the more unique ways to die, and he really gets creative with it. Plus, he uses Elvis Presley for his music instead of something lame like Drowning Pool or Linkin Park. Bleh.

Is it appropriate to end this post with me saying, “Rise from your grave?”

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Batcave DLC Arriving December 20 for “Arkham City”

If you were not done playing the insanely large sandbox game, “Batman: Arkham City,” you will soon have a whole new way to kill some time with the introduction of some brand new DLC, along with a few old favorites.

According to the official Arkham City Twitter account, new Batcave downloadable content will be available for the game on December 20. The Jokers Carnival and the Iceberg Lounge challenge maps
will also be available by then for anyone who was not able to buy them with their initial limited releases.

The actual appearance of the Batcave in the game is still unclear. Players have already seen a batcave in Arkham Asylum, but that was Bruce’s emergency batcave and not the one located under Wayne Mansion (suddenly, Batman is a lot like Marvel’s Punisher, who has warehouses all over the East coast to hold his weapons and tech). Some fans are speculating that it will resemble the look of the cave from the Arkham City companion comic, but no confirmation has been made yet.

While you are in there, don’t forget to visit Calendar Man on December 25!

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Nintendo changes policy on DLC “only to enhance games” for 3DS

Nintendo will soon be allowing downloadable content sales on the 3DS via eShop microstransactions, but only to enhance games that are worth their original asking price. American boss Reggie Fils-Aime spoke with Game Blog recently, and understands the common complaints of many game buyers when it comes to DLC.

“When we sell a game, we want the consumer to feel that they’ve had a complete experience,” he said. “We’re unwilling to sell a piece of a game upfront and, if you will, force a consumer to buy more later. That’s what [Nintendo representatives] don’t want to do, and I completely agree. I think the consumer wants to get, for their money, a complete experience, and then we have opportunities to provide more on top of that.”

“The digital business on the 3DS is very strong,” Reggie added, “And it’s not only the gaming content we’re making available through the eShop, but the video content we’re making available through Nintendo Video. So, it’s already a robust environment and the Nintendo 3DS is our most connected device ever, which is great.”

Reggie’s words follow THQ releasing a shorter, streamlined Saints Row: The Third with three downloadable chapters already confirmed, and Batman: Arkham City locking its Catwoman levels behind an online pass.

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Minimalist “Metroid” shirt will suck your brains out… with Awesome!

There are not enough shirts to honor “Metroid” these days. Sure, there are plenty of fan-fictions that honor Samus Aran, and those are best left unread unless you want to know what else those meddling metroids like to suck on. The folks at Destructoid have just released this minimalist green shirt featuring the face, or practically the entire body, of one of the creepiest aliens ever in a video game.

The shirt was designed by Baltazar “Fluffy Pancakes” Rosiles, and comes in sizes S-3XL. Each one sells for 18.95, plus shipping & handling. You can order this shirt here, as well as an embroidered version of it on a skull cap for $16.Even in the dark, you will never feel alone with the metroid’s triple set of eye staring at you… forever staring… and never blinking…

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“Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions” Video Game Review


The latest entry into the collection of Spider-Man video games is Shattered Dimensions, developed by Beenox and published by Activision. How does it stack up against previous entries in what has been, at best, a mediocre franchise?

In the early days, gamers had the likes of Maximum Carnage and Separation Anxiety that put them in the boots of Spider-Man and/or Venom. These early beat-em ups were fun at the time, and while you could web-sling, they didn’t really capture the feeling of freedom as you swing around New York City.

With the genesis of 3D gaming, Spider-Man came out for the PS One and the Nintendo 64. In this you could web-sling with a greater sense of how it would feel for Spider-Man, but it was still limited to a certain area, boxed in by the developers. This continues into the first Spider-Man movie game that was released for the GameCube, PS2 and X-Box.

With Spider-Man 2, Treyarch switched things up, allowing gamers to roam through an open-world New York City, swinging at will, provided your webs had something to which they could cling. The limitations were more natural, and the web-slinging had a much more natural, organic feel to it. Combat still left something to be desired, but it was tolerable. This same open-world mentality continued up to the last Spider-Man game, Web of Shadows. With Shattered Dimensions, however, that fun aspect of the Spider-Man games feels like it has taken a giant step backwards, though the way the game is set-up would make that open-world environment a bit more difficult to maintain.

The story behind Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is that during a museum robbery, the Amazing Spider-Man (voiced by none other than Neil Patrick Harris) and Mysterio get into a fight and a mysterious stone tablet, the Tablet of Order and Chaos, gets broken by Spider-Man, causing a dimensional rift to form and the pieces to get scattered across different Spider-Man continuities: Amazing, Ultimate, 2099 and Noir. Each Spider-Man is voiced by a different voice actor as well, helping to aid in the idea of four separate Spider-Man identities.

Each Spider-Man has some of the same basic moves, but also has one or two unique aspects, as well. The Amazing Spider-Man is the most well-rounded, the Ultimate Spider-Man (in which Spider-Man has donned the black Symobiote Suit) is a bit stronger and better in melee, Spider-Man 2099 is better at dodging attacks, and Noir Spider-Man isn’t very good at straight forward fights, and is better off sticking to the shadows to take his enemies out.

The idea sounds like a lot of fun, but the execution is more than a little muddled. Each Spider-Man controls identically when it comes to swinging around and melee combat. The game itself is little more than button mashing combos into groups of baddies while occasionally dodging incoming projectiles.

The level designs and enemies are little more than repetitive palette swaps. Spider-Man tracks down a shard of the tablet, runs into a classic Spider-Man villain who has been made stronger by said shard, and chases them through a very linear level, all the while fighting off groups of baddies that the villain can create that share more than a few similarities with the baddie that spawned them.

Each level is the same formula with a different enemy from Spider-Man’s numerous Rogue Gallery. The only break in the monotony comes in the form of Noir Spider-Man’s levels, where stealth plays a bigger role.

Overall, there isn’t a lot to recommend a purchase for this game. It’s overall very mediocre at best, and there isn’t a whole lot of replay value. Each level does come with its own challenges that, when beaten, give you points to increase or enhance Spider-Man’s combat and character abilities. The challenges are even tracked, so you know which ones you’ve done and which ones you haven’t. Even with that, give this game a rental before a purchase. It’s not worth it.

Originally posted on The Milwaukee Examiner

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Review of Retron 3 NES/SNES/Genesis Triple Game System

I am a classic video game fanatic, but classic video games are not a fan of me. A retro video game is like a fine wine, aging with grace and dignity, and typically getting better with time. Their consoles, however, are more like that relative you locked up in a senior center and only visit on the day before major holidays (since why waste a holiday on a person who can’t even remember what year it is).

The frustration of attempting to play an old Nintendo game on its system knows no bounds. You can blow as much as you want in the cartridge, but if the system is just too old to work, you are wasting your breath. With older video game technology copyrights going up for grabs in the past few years, many “clone consoles” have popped up that offer you the ability to play older games on them, often two systems in one like the RetroDuo.

Then along came the retron 3, which offers not one, not two, but THREE different consoles in one! With this contraption, gamers can relive their favorite NES, SNES and Sega Genesis games in cartridge form. Many of its predecessors were mediocre, so how well does this system rank? Hit the jump and find out in the full review!
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“Abobo’s Big Adventure” mashes up retro-game goodness – TRAILER

Are you a fan of “Super Smash Bros” but wanted to enjoy it as a side-scroller rather than just a fighter? I have, and now we have the chance, courtesy of I-Mockery‘s upcoming flash game, “Abobo’s Big Adventure!”

Starring everyone’s favorite baddie from “Double Dragon,” Abobo must rescue his son from the clutches of an evil group of classic gaming jerks, and battle his way through so many video game references, it will make your head spin.

No release date is official, but you can expect it very soon. You can play it for free on the game’s official website once it is out.

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“Supremacy MMA” Video Game Review

“Supremacy MMA” is the only MMA game in existence with a bad reputation before anyone even tested it out. Made by 505 Games & Kung Fu Factory, the game advertised itself as “the gritty world of underground MMA fighting”, featuring “arcade style combat” and “MMA legends”. Trailers for the game featured brutal bone breaks and violent knockouts, all taking place in dank, concrete pits. Definitely did not look too much like the MMA I knew and loved.

Some fans refuse to even touch the game because “it’s bad for the sport”. When I first saw the trailer for this game, I was one of those people too. However, the more research I did the more I learned that this was far from your traditional MMA game, and was trying to be something else. I wanted to give this game a fair chance, and as you will see from my review, I absolutely did. So to you, my readers, I give you the most thorough and unbiased review of “Supremacy MMA” that you will find online, and you can decide if your mind is changed by the end of it… if it needs to be changed, that is.

Hit the jump for the full review of the “Supremacy MMA” video game!
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Want your PS Vita a week before everyone else? Just spend $100 more!

Sony has just announced two “First Edition” bundles that, aside from costing $100 more than the core PS Vita, will get you the new PSP system a week earlier on February 15th.

Sony announced that the bundle is now available for pre-order at select retailers, although as of right now only Amazon has it up for pre-order, and they only have the 3G bundle and aren’t yet offering the WiFi only pack. Both bundles come in both 3G ($399) and WiFi only ($349) versions, and will include a system case, a copy of launch-title “Little Deviants”, and a 4gig PS Vita memory card.

The Vita features dual analog sticks, front and rear cameras, front multi-touch display, multi-touch rear pad, GPS
Stunning multi-touch 5-inch organic light emitting display (OLED) and “always-on” connectivity via Wi-Fi and 3G with additional data plan via AT&T Wireless, as well as location based gaming, allowing players to find and meet friends virtually for brand new experiences

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Fans can decide who the most popular Pokemon is

The Pokémon Company is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the first Pokémon game by holding a Rekidai Game Pokémon Sōsenkyō! (Generations of Games: Pokémon General Election!) contest from November 12 to December 25. The vote will determine the most popular Pokémon to appear on the cover art of 15 games.

The winning Pokémon will be given as a free present to fans in the Japanese DS edition of the Pokémon: Black and White games (sorry, Americans). The contestants are Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, Pikachu, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Suicune, Groudon, Kyogre,Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Reshiram, and Zekrom (all of which would make excellent communion names for any of your relatives).

Contest forms and ballot boxes will be available at participating stores throughout Japan, but only a limited number of the required forms will be printed; if the forms run out before December 25, the voting ends.

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