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From Board Game to Video Game – Unreleased “Nightmare” SNES Game Discovered

VHS board games were a thing in the 1990’s – good or bad, you can decide. The most popular was the “Nightmare”, and later “Atmosfear”, series. These games put you against The Gatekeeper and other monstrous fiends in a race against the clock to beat the game and survive.

The Hidden Palace just uncovered a prototype video game from around 1993 por 1994 that bears the name “Atmosfear”, and is clearly the board game in digital format – with a twist. Instead of being a traditional board game, it’s a side scroller where you take control of a hapless kid who goes into a graveyard and must defeat The Gatekeeper by defeating all six levels to escape.

Check out some of the gameplay footage below:

Sadly, the game was never completed, but it looked like it could have had some potential to be decent.

Here is how the Hidden Palace unearthed this rare gem:

This game was rediscovered by drx in a collection of various loose EPROMs that were donated to him a few years ago, all of which were possibly meant for magazines based in Europe to preview. In various parts of the world, media outlets would often receive prototypes on exposed PCBs with the games burned on EPROMs.

This was often times not the case in Europe. Since the cost of development PCBs were expensive at the time, some companies would just distribute the loose EPROMs instead. Magazines would sometimes receive these games in less than stellar condition – often times with bent or missing pins, bad burns, missing EPROMs, wrong games, no instructions for assembly, and even games that were meant for “review” but were too early to even be considered “previews”!

When the magazine was done reviewing/previewing the game, they would then send the EPROMs to another magazine to review/preview directly. All of this was done to save cost. 

There are six levels in the game, each one related to a character from the board game. There is Khufu’s Tomb, De Chantraine’s Domain, Bathory’s Castle, Gevaudan’s Forest, Hellin’s Toyworld and Samedi’s Club (which is by far the best level – can you dig it?).

This game was developed by Beam Software, who was responsible for Radical Rex, Shadowrun, and Tom & Jerry – Frantic Antics.

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No New Toys To Be Released For Nintendo’s “StarLink: Battle for Atlas”

“Starlink: Battle for Atlas: was a very ambitious project for Nintendo and their Switch console. They took the success of the Amiibo line, and tried to expand it into something more toy-like for kids to play with, while also combining it with video games. It was a very cool concept, similar to Tomy’s LightSeekers. Ultimately, both failed to deliver, and any hopes for more toys for “Starlink” have crash-landed.

Ubisoft released a post on their official website, announcing that more toys would not be on the way for this game. However, in-game content would continue and grow, you just won’t have anything physical to play with.

Here is the full note from the Dev team:

Thank you so much for the warm response to the new Starlink content announced during the February Nintendo Direct.

With the announcement of new content arriving this April, we felt that it is important to provide an update on the topic of physical toys. Starlink: Battle for Atlas has been a passion project for us from the start, and we are incredibly proud of the modular Starship technology we have developed, and how well players have responded to it.

Despite the immense and continuous support from our players, the sales for Starlink: Battle for Atlas fell below expectations. Consequently, we recently made the decision to not release any additional physical toys for the Spring update and in the future.

As part of our effort to do right by our passionate and dedicated community we are currently hard at work on our biggest update to the game so far and are pleased to tell all of you that there will be new digital ships, pilots and weapons to collect.

Additionally, there will be a ton of free content to expand your games such as additional missions, challenges and new activities to engage in throughout Atlas, including content that was inspired by community suggestions, such as Outlaw Racing.

We’re very grateful for the support we have received from players around the world and can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on our next big update launching this April.

We’ll see you in the stars,

Starlink Development Team

The toys for “Starlink” interacted with the game by plugging them into the controller, and was a very cool idea that just never caught on with gamers. Sad to see something this interesting fade away, but perhaps another company in the future can figure out what went wrong and try it again – this time doing it in a more sustainable way.

The only upside for this is if you wanted to try the game but didn’t want to spend the money investing in it, much like Skylanders, the prices for the toys will likely start dropping soon, making it much easier to start playing.

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Rabbids Invade “For Honor” For Best April Fool’s Joke That You Can Actually Play

In another one of those April Fool’s stories that I can not believe is real, Ubisoft has added Rabbids to the “For Honor” game for one day only.

From now until April 1 at 9 PM PT / midnight ET, players can face off against Rabbids, who will be replacing the typical minions you would normally see in the game. All players who participates in this special event will receive a melee pack for giving it a shot.

Still don’t believe this is real? Check out some actual gameplay footage:

It’s a little unsettling to see the Rabbids swinging swords around and dropping dead on the battlefield, and the sounds they make will haunt me for days to come. But, it’s still pretty cool and if you haven’t played “For Honor” in awhile, now seems like a good time to jump back in.

This release is part of the games third year of content drops, also known as “Year of the Harbinger”. So far a new fighter was added into the game for season 9, The Black Prior, and more seasonal events are expected throughout the remainder of 2019.

This is not the only April Fool’s fun that Ubisoft had today, as Rainbow Six Siege also launched a special week-long event called “Rainbow is Magic”, which is just as good as it sounds.

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“Rainbow Six Siege: Rainbow is Magic” Event Is A Great April Fool’s Joke That You can Play

It’s April Fools today in the US, and while we have done our best to refrain from posting any fake news or joke posts, we could not avoid this wonderful by-product of the day. Ubisoft has just launched a new in-game event for “Rainbow Six Siege”, their “Rainbow is Magic” event.

For the next week, players can participate in the event which features a Hostage game with a newly re-skinned airplane, and very colorful new soldiers. Imagine your squad being shrunk down to the size of toys, and you are now fighting in a kid’s bedroom instead of a battlefield. It’s pretty fun, and if you haven’t watched the trailer above, you really should.

Here is the official description from Ubisoft: Return to your childhood for an enchanted new in-game event: Rainbow is Magic! This event brings with it a critical mission: rescue the VIP teddy bear held hostage in a toy plane. Log in during the event to get your free Rainbow is Magic Collection Pack, plus earn more by completing Ubisoft Club Challenges. Play this limited time in-game event from April 1-8.

Sadly, not every character has a skin for the Rainbow is Magic event, so you may not be able to play as your favorite but it’s still worth checking out.

There are also challenges to complete as part of the event, which unlock new Rainbow Alpha Packs, with items from the Magic collection.

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SEGA Announces “Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020”

During Sega Fes 2019 in Tokyo, a  new Mario & Sonic game was announced, “Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics”. If that news was not big enough for fans of this franchise, it will be coming to not just the Nintendo Switch, but PS4, Xbox One, mobile devices, and arcades.

Check out the trailer below:

There looks to be a great variety of sports you can play in this game, and should be a lot of fun if you are playing with the Joy Cons on the Switch.

Sega listed all four of the upcoming games they are developing on the official website for Olympic video games.

  • Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
  • Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Arcade Edition
  • Olympic Games The Offical Video Game (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch)
  • Sonic At The Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 (iPhone/Android)

The mobile game will apparently only feature Sonic as a playable character, but perhaps there will be some micro-transactions involved to unlock others.

“Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics” will be released on the Switch in winter 2019, and an arcade version will be released the following year in 2020

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Darli Dagger Joins “Samurai Shodown” Remake

Later this year, the classic fighting game from SNK “Samurai Shodown” is making a comeback. A demo of the fighter was made playable at PAX East this weekend, which revealed the name and apperance of a brand new playable character, the first for years in this franchise.

Meet Darli Dagger, described by the developers as “The most badass shipwright to ever sail the seven seas”. Darli is a pirate with a big honking sawblade who can do very well if she is unarmed during combat. She has a few “secrets” as well that the devs were not telling anyone during the event.

Nothing about her backstory was revealed or anything else about her, but if looks could kill, her death count would be very high.

Two other new characters will join Darli in the coming months before the game is released.

The confirmed returning fighters right now are Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Galford, Earthquake, Jubei Yagyu, Genjuro Kibagami, Hanzo Hattori, Kyoshiro Senryo, Charlotte, Shiki, Ukyo Tachibana, Tam Tam, and Yoshitora Tokugawa.

“Samurai Shodown” will be released this June for PS4 and XBOX One, with a Switch version coming later this year.

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“Wolfenstein: Youngblood” Story Trailer Ready To Kill Some Bodacious 1980’s Nazis

Ahead of PAX East 2019, Bethesda just released the first story trailer for their next installment of the Wolfenstein saga, and this one is headed to Paris in the 1980’s.

Jess and Soph Blazkowicz, the daughters of BJ AKA the Terror Twins, are off to find their missing father in a co-op game that can be played with a friend or an AI. This is the first time a Wolfenstein game has used that mechanic, so it will be interesting to see how it all comes together.

Check out the story trailer below:

Here is the official description: Welcome to the 1980s. BJ Blazkowicz is missing. His last-known whereabouts: Nazi-occupied Paris. The only ones who can find him are his twin daughters, Jess and Soph Blazkowicz—and no Nazi scum are gonna stand in their way.

“Wolfenstein: Youngblood” releases on July 26, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you pre-order the game, you will receive the Legacy Pack with some of BJ’s iconic outfits and weapons from the series, including New Colossus and US Army Power Suit skins; a WW2 skins set; and the Old Blood pipe and knife!

With the Wolfenstein: Youngblood Deluxe Edition you’ll receive the Buddy Pass so you can invite a friend to join the Reich-stomping fun—even if they don’t own the game! The Deluxe Edition also includes the Cyborg Skin Pack, decking out the Blazkowicz sisters in titanium allow versions of their Power Suits, guns, combat knives, and hatchets.

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New “Mortal Kombat 11” Trailer Pits 90’s Originals Against Modern Versions

The first “Mortal Kombat” game came out in October, 1992, with seven fighters in that initial version. The roster has grown tremendously over the years, but that original group along with many from MK II have continued to be in the games. With Mortal Kombat 11 on the horizon, we have a new trailer that has these OG Kombatants facing off against their current-era counterparts.

It seems the plot of MK 11 will include some time-travel elements or something similar, as the classic characters you remember from the original game are forced to fight their modern dopplegangers, for lack of a better term. It’s some real timey-wimey violence, and a lot of fun!

Check out the trailer below to see what happens when old meets new, starring Johnny Cage, Sonya, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Raiden, Jax Scorpion, and others:

Mortal Kombat 11 comes out on April 23, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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“Samurai Shodown” Reboot Slashes It’s Way To PAX East 2019

“Embrace death and no one can stop you!” SNL’s reboot of “Samurai Shodown” is almost here, and a new trailer has just dropped ahead of PAX East.

Check out the trailer below:

The reboot will launch with 16 playable characters, 13 of which will be new for this iteration of the game.

The original Samurai Shodown series included 12 games across a multitude of systems. If this return to the genre goes well, expect a lot more from SNK and this franchise in the near future.

A demo of the game will be playable at PAX East at booth #15031. The game will be released this June for PS4 and XBOX One, with a Switch version coming later this year.

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Nintendo Poised To Launch Two New Switch Models Later This Year

While Sony and Microsoft may be preparing to announce their next consoles sooner than we think, Nintendo is revamping their current one – the Switch.

Nintendo is hoping to keep sales high going into the third year of the Switch’s existence, and have decided to use a strategy they employed with their handheld consoles to put the Switch in more households, as well as one that their competitors are currently using. The Wall Street Journal got the scoop on this one, and cited parts suppliers and software developers as their sources for this info.

The first model “will have enhanced features targeted at avid videogamers, although it won’t be as powerful as Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4 Pro or Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One X.”

The second model “is a cheaper option for casual gamers that Nintendo sees as a successor to its aging hand-held 3DS device.” The reduced cost comes at the loss of certain features, including the ability to vibrate.

The two new consoles are expected to be revealed at E3, and released very quickly after that announcement.

The fact that buyers can choose for a simpler system or a more advanced system, and still buy the normal version, makes the Switch a very interesting console now. They aren’t stripping anything super important away, and are adding value to it in alternative ways. If you have been sitting on buying a Switch for awhile, this year might be time for you to make that big purchase.

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