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“ThinkGeek” Gadgets at NY Toy Fair 2014

NerdNewsToday favorite, Think Geek, was at NY Toy Fair 2014 this week with a few new items to debut. Makers and distributors of finer nerd products, this year the company showed off their new Technomancer digital wizard hoodie, an electrical hoodie with LED lights in the sleeves and cowl that allows you to cast up to nine spells with lights and sounds.

The company also unveiled a retro arcade watch with a metal body and real old-school arcade sounds, “Light Kicks” that hook up to any pair of shoes that light up with movements, and my personal favorite, the Lazer Tag “FPS” hoodie that has to be seen to be believed. Shut up and take my money!

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“Crashlings” from Wicked Cool Toys invade NY Toy Fair 2014

Prepare for toy shelves to be invaded later this year, as Wicked Cool Toys unveiled their new line of blind-bag figurines, “Crashlings”.

The first proprietary TV promoted line from the company, there are nearly as many Crashlings as there are Pokemon, and these figures will come in the form of aliens, dinosaurs, sea creatures, and many other varieties. Along with the figures, there will also be some cool spaceships floating around with exclusive figures, so keep your eyes to the skies for these little crashlings toys.

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Grumpy Cat Merchandise at NY Toy Fair 2014

The Ganz booth got grumpy with us at NY Toy Fair 2014, and I am not just talking surly booth reps! Bad jokes aside, Ganz unveiled a plethora of Grumpy Cat products at the show this year, from plushes to shirts, kitchenwares and novelties, and plenty more, with a far-from-grumpy booth-rep giving us the walkthrough.

Unfortunately, we missed the main feline of the day, as Grumpy Cat was appearing in this booth earlier in the week, but plenty of photos are floating around online of other lucky Toyfair goer’s who got to meet this kitty.

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Uncle Milton “Marvel Science” Toys – NY Toy Fair 2014

At NY Toy Fair 2014, we toured the Uncle Milton booth, a company whose toys we have looked at before when we reviewed several of the products in their “Marvel Science” line. On this booth visit, we saw all of the new items coming out of this line, with learning toys based on characters from The Avengers, such as The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and a few others.

Stay tuned for more videos from NY Toy Fair 2014!

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New “My Little Pony” dolls at NY Toy Fair 2014

Friendship is magic, but who needs friends when you can have ponies!

Hasbro unveiled a stable of new “My Little Pony” dolls & playsets during their press event at NY Toy Fair 2014. The company showed off plenty of new ponies, as well as a deluxe Rainbow Dash that flips in the air, deluxe “Styling Strands” Fluttershy and Rarity, “Glitter” dolls that will feature snowglobe-like qualities in their translucent bodies, and new blind-box ponies.

The big item this year is the “Princess Twilight Sparkle’s Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Palace” (seriously, what a name!), with multiple tiers and hidden items to make for one huge playset. My personal favorite is the “My Little Pony Pop” line, which lets you make your own custom mini-ponies with smaller playsets that give you lots of control over what your pony will look like!

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My Little Pony – “Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks” dolls at NY Toy Fair 2014

“Equestria Girls” is back with a brand new sequel, “Rainbow Rocks” and this My Little Pony franchise has a new line of dolls to join with it!

Following up on the popularity of the first movie, the second Equestria Girls movie is all about music, and features our favorite ponified humans playing instruments, singing more songs, and having an interactive toy line to come with it. The new dolls feature two-packs with their pony counterparts, a doll line that merges into arts & crafts with customizable stamps and markers to design your own costumes, and a few new ponies, including my favorite, DJ Pon-3, and her new car!

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New Play-Doh products at NY Toy Fair 2014

Anything goes with Play-Doh, and now more than ever! At NY Toy Fair 2014, we checked out the new offerings from Play-Doh during the Hasbro event. Our booth babe introduced us to Buzzsaw, a new Play-doh construction vehicle/ playset that features various blades and molds related to the industrial world, a new deluxe cake and cookie decorating playset that will make foodies drool, and a new castle for their Disney Princess line that allows kids to make customized dresses for their royal dolls. Plus, all new glitter Play-Doh!

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New “Uglydoll” Plushes at NY Toy Fair 2014

During NY Toy Fair 2014, we met with Alita Friedman from Pretty Ugly LLC., who were unveiling several new Ugly Doll lines at the event. Check out the brand new Uglydolls in new outfits featuring DC Comics Superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, as well as a line based on the characters appearances in their comic line.

The ugly critters will also be coming out with new high-end plushes from the “Kawaii” line with a more traditional look, and most importantly, a new partnership with the band KISS that will bring us Gene Simmons as an Uglydoll!

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