David Tennant and Catherine Tate return to “Doctor Who” in audio dramas

Bowties are cool, but this timelord with a snazzy fashion sense will not be seen – only heard.

The tenth doctor, David Tennant, and his companion Donna Noble AKA actress Catherine Tate will be returning to their roles this May in a series of audio dramas from Big Finish. With the release drawing closer and closer, the company unveiled a sneak peek of the first play on Soundcloud, and now you can listen to it and get chills like I did.

The trailer features clips from all three episodes in the series, “Time Reaver”, “Technophobia” and “Death and the Queen”. The scariest part is that I can totally see these in my imagination as if they were episodes on TV, and I think that is the strongest compliment that I could give an audio drama like this. If you are skeptical like me, you will flip out after you give this a listen.

The Tenth Doctor Adventures: Volume 1 will be available from BigFinish.com in May. The CD set will cost around $42, while the digital version will be $25.

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