Fansets Pins & Buttons at Star Trek Mission New York

Lew Halboth of spoke with us during Star Trek Mission New York about their brand spanking new line of pins. This company, which just recently launched, is starting hard and strong, with an enormous set of pins that encompass all of the Star Trek series, including the often ignored animated series! Not only that, but they also have the license for Harry Potter, DC Comics (which includes the currently released Suicide Squad line of pins), Firefly and more.

We also learn about some of their special pin sets and frames that collectors will love to get their hands on. Best of all, these pins feature an augmented reality feature that when combined with their app offers some unique experiences that you can not get with the average pin. Seeing these in the video or in photos does not do them justice – these look great in person and really capture the character of whoever or whatever is on that pin. Check it all out in the video above!

Stay tuned through the weekend for more news and videos from Star Trek Mission New York!

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