First look at Mattel’s “Ghostbusters” reboot figures unveiled by Paul Feig

It was not that long ago that the director of this Summer’s “Ghostbusters” reboot movie, Paul Feig, tweeted out news on toys from the upcoming movies and who had the rights to make them. Now, the man has endeared himself even more to Ghostheads by tweeting out the first look at some of this merchandise.

Earlier today on his twitter, Feig posted the first image of Mattel’s 6-inch line of Ghostbusters figures:


The figures are reminiscent of their Mattel counterparts from the first movies, especially in the re-use of parts. However, this line seems to have two different body types to better differentiate the sizes of the ladies, which is an upgrade over the original figures.

The downside with these is that the proton pack appears to not be removable. The original GB figures were like this as well, but then a year or so later, Mattel re-released the exact same figures with removable packs. Chances are Mattel will do that as well, so consider that when you make your purchasing decisions.

Word on the street is that an Ecto-1 will also be made by Mattel, but the scale of this vehicle is still to be determined.

Thanks, Paul Feig, for the awesome tweets. Keep ’em coming!

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