GI Joe Collector’s Club reveals 11th subscription figure as “Cover Girl”

The G.I. Joe Collector Club has now revealed the eleventh of the twelve figures that will be included in the official G.I. Joe Subscription service for 2012.

“Cover Girl” will be joining the ranks of the previously announced “Sure Fire,” “Barrel Roll,” “Jinx,” “Iron Klaw,” “Topside,” “Grunt,” “Nano-B.A.T.,” “Cobra Dice,” “Quarrel,” and “TNT.”

Here is her character description, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Cover Girl’s real name is Courtney A. Krieger, and she was born in Peoria, Illinois. Prior to joining G.I. Joe, Cover Girl was a highly successful fashion model in Chicago and New York, and graced the covers of countless magazines. She eventually found the world of modeling unfulfilling, and joined the army to seek out new challenges in life. Cover Girl attended Armor School at Fort Knox and related tech schools, and felt very driven to master other skills, in order to prove that she was not just a pretty face. She is a qualified expert in diesel mechanics, gas turbine technology, LAW rocket, Dragon A/T Missile, M-16 and M-1911A auto pistol.

Each figure will be packaged on a 25th Anniversary style blister card. These five figures, plus seven other subscription figures, will only be available through the GIJCC Subscription service from Fun Publications. As an added bonus, by signing up for the full six month subscription you will receive a FREE bonus 13th figure. The price for each figure is expected to be between $20 and $25 each.

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