Hot Toys teases “Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice” 1/6 scale Batmobile

Start saving your dough, as Hot Toys prepares to break your bank account with more figures from the upcoming “Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie. If you thought the figures were tempting enough, be prepared for cardiac arrest with this one.

Hot Toys has sent out three teaser images of the Batmobile in 1/6 scale, meaning this thing will be as big as your work desk from the second job you will have to take in order to buy this mammoth vehicle. Here is the official info from HT PR:

Following the release of our first teaser of the upcoming Hot Toys Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice collectible figures, it’s time to get ready for Batman’s personal ride, the astonishing 1/6th scale Batmobile!

This incredible Batmobile will unveil in full glory very soon at Hot Toys’ booth (F01-16) in the upcoming Toy Soul 2015 on Dec 18 in Hong Kong! Stay tuned!




No price has been named yet, but expect this to be anywhere between $600-900 USD. We can already see plenty of moving parts, as well as electronic pieces that will elevate the cost of this higher than any HT vehicle we have seen before. I would give a kidney to own this, and I might just have to give that and six other kidneys to add this to my collection. Anybody want to donate some organs?

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