Hot Toys teases Captain Phasma figure from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Star Wars fans are waiting anxiously for Episode VII to arrive, but us toy collectors are busy being spoiled with all sorts of info and sneak peeks via all of the new toy announcements. Today, we don’t have a spoiler but something that will still make plenty of people tingle with joy.

Hot Toys sent out a teaser with this short but sweet message and the image below – “You have seen the troops, and soon you will meet their captain in shiny armor.” In other words, Hot Toys is giving us a 1/6 scale Captain Phasma in 2016!

Not much else to say at this point other than be patient and start saving money. The price of this figure should fall somewhere between the cost of a normal Hot Toys figure and an Iron Man due to the armor pieces. Either way, this is an exciting character that looks great in figure form, so I can only imagine what Hot Toys will do to her once we see the prototypes. In the meantime, here is the sneak peek below that was sent out to members of the press.


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