IAmElemental Courage Action Figure Review

Today we take a look at a toy that is long overdue for a review on this channel.

This is the 6.5″ Courage action figure from series 1 of IAmElemental. This is the Core figure of the line, which is made up of six smaller figures and features one deluxe figure that highlights the heroic element that ties the entire first series together, Courage.

NOTE: We were wrong about the articulation being over 20 points… it’s actually over 30 points of articulation!

One thought on “IAmElemental Courage Action Figure Review”

  1. A HUGE thank you for the enthusiastic review! We are so grateful to you for your long-term support, kind interest, and for sharing the love. You even gave a shout out for our collector-friendly packaging! Thanks for noticing our attention to detail. FYI, COURAGE has more than 30 points of articulation (not just 20)! And, the armor is removable – just pop her head off! All of our figures were designed with removable heads for accessory access. Again, thanks for your support! Coming soon….6.5″ WISDOM´╗┐

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