iRig Mic HD – Microphone Review

I have been using the same mic for around six or seven years now, and have been looking into some different ones to upgrade to for various things. With the iRig Mic HD from IK Multimedia, I found a good mic for both inside and outside use that anyone can use in a matter of moments.

This set includes one lightweight microphone with a stand to attach to a tripod so you do not need to hold it if you are podcasting (tripod or mic stand sold separately), and a set of wires to switch with the mic to allow you to record via USB or lightning input for your apple products. It also comes with a nifty pouch to hold your stuff on the go, and can store nearly everything in it. Nearly, because putting both wires in the bag will overfill it, and the tiny instruction manual will also not fit in there, but frankly, you will not need that to figure out how to operate this mic.

Setting up the product to use is very easy – simply plug in the appropriate input device, run the VocaLive EZ Voice app which you can download in the App store, and start recording. This mic uses the lightning port in your phone, leaving your audio jack free to use your headphones to monitor the audio as you record. No batteries are required, your device powers the microphone. It’s just that easy – just make sure you remember to turn the mic on!

I used this on my iMac to record some audio for some upcoming toy review videos which unfortunately are not on Youtube yet, but I can attest to the ease of use and clean-sounding 24-bit audio that came from using this. It worked just fine with recording directly into Final Cut Pro X, much better than the cheapie $30 mic I got from some no-name company when I first started doing some podcasts on my other site. The mic will work with most other recording and editing programs as well via USB, making it versatile for whatever your workflow may be. I look forward to using this iRig mic as my main podcasting mic from now on and will certainly be suggesting my friends to use this brand as well. I had a friend test using it on their iPhone, since I currently use a Samsung phone, and it was equally easy to use, along with the app. I generally prefer to record to an external device when I am out, just because you never know what can happen and I strive to have better audio these days, so even if it takes some extra work to synch things up later, I suggest using this to record to your phone instead of directly into a camera or whatever. IK’s apps are user-friendly and give you just what you need to make a quality product.

You can order the IK Multimedia iRig Mic HD high-definition handheld microphone for iPhone, iPad and Mac on for around $95, and is a good investment if you are serious about podcasting, or even singing or having a mic to use to report from events that can easily be rigged to your phone or iPad. iRig takes audio seriously for newcomers to recording and veterans looking for a solid piece of equipment. With prices a little higher than entry level, but certainly worth the bang for your buck, this microphone is one that will definitely last you a long time and add some serious professionalism to whatever you are working on. Whether you are recording by yourself in a makeshift studio or sound booth, or conducting an interview at an event, this mic will have you covered for whatever you need to do.

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