Is this the Bat-Suit from “Gotham”?

Fans have been waiting for the entire duration of Fox’s “Gotham” show to see Bruce Wayne become the Dark Knight. As the series draws nearer to the finale, it seems we have our first leak of what the costume may look like.

A user on Reddit somehow got his hands on this image, and theorized whether or not it was the costume from “Gotham” that Bruce would soon don to become the Batman.

According to the original poster, a “filter was applied to the screenshot to brighten it, so that we can see the details more.”

The series’ executive producer John Stephens already confirmed that Bruce Wayne actor David Mazouz will not wear the full suit.  However, that does not mean someone else can, at least for now. IN fact, Mazouz will voice a growling Batman, but the suit was made for someone over six feet tall.

Who will wear the costume remains to be seen, so stay tuned to “Gotham” to see what happens next. Same bat channel, same bat time!

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