It looks like we will be seeing PS4 and Xbox 720 this year at E3!

Ironically named Michael French of the UK gaming blog just broke the best and worst news any hardcore gamer can hear: The next generation of home consoles will be revealed in a massive way this E3. That’s right, this June Microsoft and Sony will take off their respective hats and toss them into the arena that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Couple that with the launch date and firm price point of Nintendo’s next home offering in the Wii-U being announced this summer, and we will have a console war on our hands that we haven’t seen since the early 90’s.

Microsoft has long been rumoured to detail its next-gen plans at E3 2012, and MCV’s third-party publishing sources claim the firm had signalled to partners this will happen.

The 360 is one of the longest-serving games consoles in history. But the real surprise is an  early move from Sony. Execs at the PlayStation firm have made it clear to third-parties that they will not be left behind this time.

We’ve gotten every ounce of water that is the stone, Xbox 360…It’s good to start anew. The PS3 seems like it has a few more good years left in it though. What do you guys think, will we be seeing these consoles in 2013 or are they going to blow us away with a holiday 2012 release? Highly unlikely, but a guy can hope.

Read Michael French’s original post here.

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