JAKKS announces BlizzCon exclusive 20″ BIG FIGS Warcraft deluxe Durotan

From JAKKS BIG FIG collection comes the BlizzCon Exclusive Edition Deluxe Durotan action figure! Offered for sale only to those attending BlizzCon this amazing figure perfectly recreates the orcish hero from Legendary’s upcoming Warcraft motion picture.

Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, Durotan is one of the bravest warriors in all of Orc-kind. Master of the battle-axe and fiercely loyal to the traditions of his ancestors, he embodies the spirit of the Frostwolves: brute force born of battle, tempered by the wisdom of experience. As his homeworld dies, Durotan is burdened by the responsibility of finding a means of survival for those he loves. Mate of Draka and father of Go’el, he fears for the future of his family and his tribe. Joining the Horde as they march through the Dark Portal into Azeroth, he is determined to find a new home by any means necessary.


The BlizzCon exclusive Durotan features 7 points of articulation, collector level deco and premium sculpted details to help recreate the heroic Orc chieftain from the upcoming film. Durotan also includes his signature 9” Axe accessory and comes in exclusive collector packaging. Want more? The BlizzCon edition Durotan comes with an exclusive Horde Banner in –scale to the figure and only available to customers at BlizzCon!

Only 1,000 pieces of this amazing collectable BIG FIG will be available for purchase with a limit of 2 per customer. Collectors who purchase the figure will receive their exclusive Horde Banner at the show along with a collector postcard, and the figure will be shipped direct to anywhere in the Continental U.S. at no additional charge this December (No P.O. Boxes).

Recreate the Warcraft Adventure with this JAKKS BIG FIGS Deluxe Durotan action figure.

BLIZZCON EXCLUSIVE DELUXE DUROTAN BIG FIG. $79.99, limit two per customer, available only at BLIZZCON at the JAKKS register in the LEGENDARY PICTURES Booth on the 3rd floor of the Anaheim Convention center at the top of the escalator.

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