J&D Foods “Bacon Pop” Bacon-flavored Popcorn Review


You know what makes popcorn taste good? Salt and butter. You know what makes popcorn taste great? Apparently, according to J&D Foods, bacon. The innovators of all things cured porkbelly have brought us another tasty edible, this time in the form of microwaveable popcorn that tastes like bacon.

“Bacon Pop” microwaveable popcorn comes with three packages per box, and like all of their edible products, this is both vegetarian/ vegan and kosher-friendly. In other words, nearly everyone in the world can eat this, and they should. Just as easy as making any other brand of microwaveable popcorn, merely follow the instructions on the package, let it nuke, take out and enjoy. Each bag contains three ounces of unpopped popcorn, which bloats up nicely like all popcorn tends to.

The bacon scent is strong with this popcorn, but as I have remarked about other J&D Foods products before, it is never “too bacony”, if such a thing exists. The smoky odor is very realistic and meaty, and not artificial or obnoxious. It really is like eating bacon with your popcorn, minus the grease and trans-fat. There is nothing quite like eating those two things combined, and it is a pretty good pairing. There is a small downside, and that is your house and microwave will smell like bacon for a few hours after making it. I say downside, but for some people, that might be an upside.

In terms of nutrition notes in case you want to compare this to your average microwaveable popcorn, each bag has three servings of popcorn that contain 130 calories each, 70 of which are from fat. It contains 9% of your daily sodium value, but compared with the norm, it is not too unhealthy. The average un-buttered popcorn bag has less calories, but once you start adding butter (that comes from unknown sources), the game starts evening up. In the long run, popcorn is not even that bad for you so no concerns here about caloric chaos.

The popcorn is also available in cheddar and “cajun-pop” flavors, as well as pre-popped and bagged Sriracha or Ghost Pepper Nacho flavored (which is not bacon with those flavors as far as I know, but if you need some bacon on it they have you covered with their bacon salts). If you feel lazy, there is a ready-made version of this bacon popcorn available as well.

You can buy a box of this with three pouches of popcorn on their official website for around $4 plus shipping, and is worth grabbing a box to try for any bacon lover that you know. I was dubious of this combination at first, but it works nicely and stands alone as a legit tasty food item as well as a fun novelty that you will joke about at first, but want more of after you try it.

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