J&D’s Foods Bacon Salt Review


Bacon. Bacon! BACON! BACONBACONBACONOMG!!!! Alright, I am cool now.

Bacon, which is essentially sweet ambrosia that is pulled magically from a pig (because I do not want to think about the butchering process) is delicious. The problem is, it is also incredibly fatty, can be pricey, and falls in the lines of not Kosher for our Jewish readers. Enter J&D Foods, two guys who used their winnings from “America’s Funniest Home Videos” to start a bacon-based business and who have cornered the market in baconizing America, one item at a time. Whether you can eat it, wear it, smell it, or anything else, these guys are doing it with maximum pork-scented power.

One of their biggest items is their line of Bacon Salts, which gives gourmets the ability to infuse whatever they want with the aroma and taste of cured porkbelly. Currently available in six flavors, you can order the spices separately or as a three-pack with their classic flavors, which is what I am reviewing today. This boxed set includes their original Bacon Salt seasoning, along with Hickory and Peppered.

The bacon salt can be used simply as a spice to add porcine goodness into whatever you are eating, or you can use it as part of a rub, make compound butters, or to add more depth into things like mashed potatoes, chili or just about anything you eat. The craziest part about this product is aside from containing no calories or fat, it is surprisingly low in sodium – only around 140 mg per 1/4 tsp. Better yet, it is both vegetarian and kosher! Bacon has been proven as the leading factor in vegetarians eating meat again, so now they can have their bacon without worrying about actually eating pig. The kosher part is still kind of weird, but I guess you could call the seasoning “sinfully” good.

I apologize for that pun.

The taste of these bacon salts is accurate to their names, with a strong aroma to match. I was worried these spices would reek like those awful artificial bacon bits you see, but I was glad to smell something that was much closer to real bacon. The taste was also good and close to the real thing, which is weird at first since you also expect a certain texture to go with that aroma and flavor. Once you get past that oddness, it really is quite nice to use this when making an omelette (which was my first test), sprinkling on popcorn, or seasoning meat (much easier than bacon-wrapping a chicken breast). I would love to try this with grilled shrimp or corn on the cob (so if one of my readers wants to invite me to a BBQ, I will bring the bacon salt). You don’t need to use a ton of it either, since while it is not overly pungent, it has a very big bacony smell.

Once you get through the classic seasonings, you can be more adventurous and their other bacon salts – Applewood, Jalapeno, and Cheddar. The company also has a Malt-Salt and Ketchup-Salt for fish & chip aficionados.

J&D Foods is doing some noteworthy things with bacon, making not only fun novelty products, but also pretty tasty edibles. Whether you buy this as a gag or are serious about using it, you will not be disappointed. It has all the fun of eating bacon but without the greasy and guilty aftertaste you have from eating too much of it. You can order the three-pack from their official website for around $10-15, and makes for a great gift for anyone that loves bacon, but does not love the cholesterol that comes with overindulging in it.

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