Jeremyville x Kidrobot Lucky Dollar & Lucky Dime Available Now

Money makes the world go round…and Kidrobot is excited to bring you two new pieces from Jeremyville to help you give our globe an extra push! Lucky Dollar & Lucky Dime double as actual banks to save your coins! Each figure stands 10″ tall. Presented in a stellar “rubber leg” style, these strolling vaults will keep your shiny pennies safe and secure!

I dig the sculpting on these figures, and they will remind any local New Yorkers of the “Life Underground” sculptures by Tom Otterness in the 14th street – 8th Avenue subway station. They are simple but say a lot, and would make a nice addition to anyone’s vinyl collections.

Check out the photos below to see these guys in more detail:

lucky dollar 1

lucky dollar 2

lucky dollar 3

lucky dollar 4

lucky dollar 5

lucky dollar 6

Both items are available right now on Kidrobot’s official website for $100 each.

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