“Kensington MP230L Performance Mouse” Review

When I had a laptop, I never enjoyed using the touch pad. It was impossible to play games with, and I never felt that I had the control I got with a mouse. Plus, editing videos is a big pain in the ass without a mouse (even though I managed to do it for quite some time). I have a few different mice that I use now that I have a desktop again, and one that I just got that I am really digging is from Kensington, specifically their versatile MP230L Performance Mouse.


The Kensington MP230L Performance Mouse implements a 2.4GHz wireless USB connection that allows you to use your mouse from a bit of a distance away from your computer. I was able to do it from outside of my room, but not too much further away than that (still pretty impressive). It’s lightweight and smooth to use, using two AA batteries to power the mouse (which are included with the package) that add the perfect counterweight to balance it out as you move your hand. It works without a mouse pad on most surfaces thanks to its track-on-glass laser with 1600 DPI high-definition sensor, which means it will even work on a glass surface. The sensor is strong enough to allow it to work on some fabrics as I discovered, a trait that more expensive mouse I have can not do.

The mouse is compatible with both Mac and PC, simply plug in the USB port into your computer and you can begin using it right away. I have used plenty of other fancy mice that have required installations for them to work, but this one is much easier. Granted, those were for gaming and have more buttons on them that you can map out while this one has your typical right and left click, a button to zoom in and zoom out, and two additional buttons on the side that you can map out (as of plugging it in, all they do is close out tabs on my internet browser). The mouse also has a scroll wheel like every good mouse should. Because of the design of the mouse, this can also be used by both left-handed and right-handed people equally. It is also a little bit wider than the average mouse, meaning it is solid for users with larger hands, but my smaller hands worked with it with zero issues.

This is not an ideal mouse for serious gaming, mainly because of the lack of buttons on it. However, it’s fine for most casual games and gives you good hand control. You can play Team Fortress 2 or Minecraft and not miss a beat, but anyone playing a crazy MMORPG might not find this mouse to be the best one for them. My feeling is that this mouse is meant more for the office on the go, and for that, this overachieves by being able to work on nearly any surface and easily transportable with no wires. If you are editing videos, powerpoint presentations, making spreadsheets, or whatever, this will fit into your workflow with no problems and gives you the control that you desire to accomplish whatever task is at hand.

You can order the Kensington MP230L Multi Surface Wireless USB Performance Mouse from Amazon.com for around $38, and is a good price for a great mouse. Ergonomic, comfortable, lightweight, and flawless tracking, this mouse is a solid one that will last you a long time, no matter what your mouse needs may be.

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