Knight Rider Comic continues with second volume, “Knightstrikes”

Michael Knight and KITT — everyone’s ultimate dream car — are back in action in this explosive series of spy-fi adventures, Knight Rider Vol. 2: Knightstrikes!

Made popular by David Hasselhoff (and ably assisted by William Katt as the voice of KITT, the show’s legendary talking car), the classic primetime show on NBC paved the way for a slate of fun action series that live on today in the nostalgia of grownup ’80s kids. The beloved primetime series returns to the sequential art page via Lion Forge Comics, picking up right where the high-octane graphic novel reboot left off. When secret agent Michael Knight activated the confidential Project: Rider in the heat of battle, the world’s coolest talking car was born. KITT has an arsenal of secret weapons and amazing upgrades under the hood, and he and Michael are both partners and pals as they set off to save the country from terrorists, clandestine spy networks, and super criminals. From the minds of today’s hottest action writers, KNIGHT STRIKES is the next chapter in the legendary KNIGHT RIDER mythos!

knight rider knightstrikes

Knight Rider Vol. 2: Knightstrikes features a series of standalone shorts that sees the dynamic duo (well, this dynamic duo) saving the country from terrorists, clandestine spy networks, and super criminals. And we assembled an all-star team of comics industry lights to make it happen, including Adam Warren (Empowered), Chuck Dixon (Batman, Punisher), Joe Pruett (Negative Burn), B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick), and Jason Johnson (WildC.A.T.s).


by Adam Warren, Chuck Dixon, Frank Hannah, Joe Pruett, Shannon Eric Denton, and B. Clay Moore; illo. by Jason Johnson, Brian Denham, and JB Bastos
Pages: 168
Format: Paperback
SRP: $17.99
Publisher: Lion Forge Comics
Distributor: IDW Publishing
Pub Date: December 16, 2015
Item Code: OCT150477
ISBN: 9781631404856



Adam Warren is a freelance writer and artist. He created the ongoing “sexy superhero comedy” series Empowered, published by Dark Horse Comics.

Chuck Dixon is a veteran comic book writer with thousands of titles to his name including a record run on Batman at DC Comics (where he co-created the villain Bane) and seminal work on Marvel’s The Punisher. He adapted J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Hobbit into one of the most successful graphic novels in publication. He is also the author of the bestselling SEAL Team 6 novels from Dynamite.

B. Clay Moore has written comic books for virtually every major publisher, including Image Comics, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Valiant, WildStorm, Oni Press, and Top Cow Productions. He is the co-creator of a handful of critically acclaimed creator-owned books including Hawaiian Dick and Battle Hymn. He co-created The Further Adventures of the Whistling Skull with Tony Harris, and is a founding member of Bad Karma Creative. In 2009 Moore was nominated for the Crimespree Award for best writer and Hawaiian Dick was nominated for the Spinetingler Award for best comic book.

Illustrator Jason Johnson started his career in 1995 at Wildstorm/Homage Studios under the tutelage of master comic book artist Jim Lee, where he drew titles such as Team 7, Wetworks, Gen13, Bay City Jive, and DV8. He went on to work with DC and Marvel on titles like Generation X, Flash, Impulse, and Robin. Jason was a concept artist for Sony Online Entertainment in 2007, developing characters and environments for the games Free Realms and Planetside 2. He currently illustrates Knight Rider and Noble for Lion Forge Comics.

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