“Marvel’s Jessica Jones” Season 1, Episode 3 Review – “AKA It’s Called Whiskey”

When we last saw our favorite heavy-drinking super-strong sleuth, Jessica got info on the Purple Man’s weakness, Hope has a lawyer to get her out of trouble after killing her parents under Purple Man’s influence, and Jones discovered that the bartender she has a crush on also has super-strength and unbreakable skin. Where will this episode lead? Let’s find out!

Episode three starts up immediately after the last one, with Jessica still in shock over Luke’s abilities, but also incredibly aroused. The two strip down and play with each other, before having some passionate sex that, unlike the first time, actually has emotion behind it. Jessica has opened up to Luke, not just physically but on an emotional level, and the difference is in the scene (go watch it on Netflix, this site has a rating of PG-13).

After being interrupted by the upstairs hipster, the pair go out for a bite to eat and to discuss their powers. When Luke asks if there is anyone else like them, Jessica gets uncomfortable and locks herself back up for a moment, Kilgrave on her mind. Luke gets her back on track and we learn that he got his powers from an experiment, and that they both hide their abilities so that they don’t put a “target on their backs”. Jessica also explains that she tried being a “hero” once but it didn’t work out, alluding to what happened with Hope and how it went sour. Cage gives her some good advice, telling her “The way I see it, most people got both going on, just depends which part wins that day.” Apparently, good advice leads to arousal as the two head to Luke’s apartment for more sexy times, which includes Luke’s bed breaking as she goes for a ride. Hawt.

After their sexy fun-times, Jessica goes into Luke’s bathroom, and for whatever reason, begrudgingly looks inside his medicine cabinet again. There, she finds the same photo that she saw the last time of a woman, this time triggering a brief flashback from Jessica. Luke walks in and explains that she died, which Jessica already knows. She apologizes as her eyes become glassy, but before she can shed a tear, she runs away from him and gets back to work (but not before buying a bottle of whiskey, her favorite place to hide).

In her office, Jessica looks up the Sufentanil Propofil that we learned about in episode two while listening to newscasters talk about Hope’s case in horrible ways, wondering if it really is possible for someone who has suffered under Purple Man’s control to really forgive themselves for what they did, even if they were not aware of what was happening.

Jessica confronts Jeri Hogarth about the negative press, and Jeri fires back by asking about Jessica being one of Kilgrave’s victims, which she told Hope in private. Jessica does not want to testify about this, but says there are plenty of other broken people out there that he left behind. Unless Jessica brings them in, Jeri says she will have to testify, so now Jessica has to track down his victims and the Purple Man himself, all while ignoring Luke’s texts.

Jessica visits Trish to ask for her help, by using her TV show as an outlet to discuss Kilgrave’s powers, but Trish refuses since no one would take it seriously. Disappointed that Jessica is using her once again, Trish says farewell until she learns that Jessica needs to get some drugs – specifically the ones to take down Kilgrave. Before they can get too deep in that convo, Jessica notices the bruises on Trish from her training, and Trish reveals that she has fortified her house in case of any emergency and has turned Jessica’s old room into a training gym (we learn that they were former roommates and that Jessica used to protect Trish from someone else, in particular it is hinted that her mother is the culprit here).

Fast forward to a clinic, where Jessica meets Wendy Ross-Hogarth, a “somewhat flexible” doctor AKA Jeri Hogarth’s wife who is now in the process of divorcing her due to catching her cheating. Jones attempts to manipulate Wendy into getting the prescription, but instead gets one for an anti-psychotic for Jones to use on herself. Unable to use her words to get what she needs, Jones considers robbing a hospital to get it, but reconsiders when she sees an armed guard and an expecting mother inside.

On her way back home, Jessica runs into drug-addict Malcolm, who is higher than a kite and about to get beat-up by a hipster on a bike. Jessica rescues him from the cyclist, and while it’s not necessarily an important scene, it is one to remind us of something useful for 20 minutes from now.

Later that day, Trish tells Jessica that she is doing a live interview by satellite with Hope, which Jessica is unhappy with, worried that they will drag her through the mud more than she already has been, and more concerned that Kilgrave will see it and do something.

The story of Luke & Jessica continues as Jones apologizes to Cage, then immediately asking if he knows how to get drugs. Jones’ intimacy and trust issues are making this relationship troublesome, as she is already doing to Luke what she has done to Trish… difference being that her and Trish don’t have sex afterwards. Their post-coital pillow talk leads Luke to flat-out asking her why she is constantly holding things back from him, and the two have one of their most meaningful conversations to date. Jessica is beginning to trust Luke enough to open up emotionally, and sort of explains her trauma and the Purple Man situation, but not quite giving him the full story – not yet, anyway.

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Back in the jail, Trish interviews Hope who tells the world about Kilgrave and his mind control powers. Unfortunately, Jeri dismisses these allegations as delusions, much to Trish and Jessica’s surprise. As Trish tries to defend the idea of this super-powered psychic, Jessica begins to panic and destroys her mic to stop her from talking any further. Unfortunately, Trish refuses to relent and takes calls from her listener – one of whom happens to be Kilgrave, in the flesh. Hope and Jessica recognize the chilling voice, and we can see Jones beginning to stumble under this new development. Jones is paranoid, and that seems to have rubbed off on Trish, who attacks a fan when she gets too close to her.

Jessica continues her quest to get the drug to stop Kilgrave, and does this by bringing a highly drugged-up Malcolm to the hospital to use as a distraction. After tossing him into a nurse, she breaks into a drug cabinet and gets her hands on the drugs, but abandons Malcolm there now that she what she needs.

Meanwhile, Trish has her own troubles when a police offer comes by her house to “investigate” the fan she attacked earlier. Trish’s spidey sense tingles, and she prepares for the worst when she allows him to enter her home. Before he even sets foot, a fight breaks out between them, and Trish holds her own. She even uses a triangle choke off her back when he attacks her, but had she remembered to hook his leg she might not have gotten slammed by the cop to get out of it. I am disappointed that she did not switch to an armbar once he started choking her, considering she knew a triangle choke, but Jessica makes the save and beats down the cop. Unfortunately, she is too late… or so she makes the cop believe by injecting her with the drug she just stole to make her play dead. The cop walks away, mission accomplished, and tells Jessica that he doesn’t want to shoot her, since “he says it’s not your time.”

Jessica plants a tracking device on the cop and follows him back to Kilgrave’s lair, where she prepares to attack him. Unfortunately, her plans are changed when Kilgrave orders the cop to kill himself, and in act of heroism, Jones prevents him from committing suicide. This brings Jones face to face with Kilgrave for the first time since the accident. Seeing his face brings us the full flashback of what happened to cause much of her PTSD, as a bewitched Jessica kills a woman for Kilgrave. When she goes to check on him, against the orders of Kilgrave, he walks in front of a bus which had supposedly killed him.

The cop safe from harm (after Jessica knocks him out), the Purple Man makes his escape and uses the denizens of the house where he is staying at to defend him. Jessica makes her way through the hellhouse and finds his room – filled with photos of her all over the city. Now there’s a new mystery afoot – who is following Jessica for Kilgrave?

With nowhere to turn, Jessica goes to Luke’s house and attempts to break up with him over her issues, but Luke believes it is because of his “issues” AKA the picture in his bathroom, which we now learn is of his dead wife. Heartbroken, alone, and more paranoid than ever now that she knows someone else is keeping an eye on her, Jessica’s life just got a lot more complicated as we come to the close of episode three.

And so ends the third episode of “Jessica Jones”, and the last time I do an overly verbose review like this. The series is staying strong three episodes in, and I am really loving the cast and the writing in the show. Jessica Jones has become a very complex individual, portraying super-strength in a believable way, despite her small stature. Moreso, her ability to show her ever-changing state of mind is great insight to the character of Jessica Jones and what makes her tick. It’s not an easy role to play, and I think Krysten Ritter is doing a great job so far. I look forward to seeing more of Mike Colter and Rachael Taylor as well, and of course, the more Tennant, the better.

Next time, prepare for a more concise analysis as we take a look at “AKA 99 Friends”!

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