Mego Forced To Pull Freddy Krueger Figure

Fans of Freddy Krueger may need to rush to stores and pick up a certain action figure, as it’s about to go out of production much sooner than expected.

Mego Corp. just announced on their Facebook page that their Freddy Krueger figure is about to be halted from hitting stores this summer. While there is not a ton of specific info they were able to share, likely due to legalities, they ultimately know the license just ended abruptly and they have no choice but to cancel future figures of Freddy from being made.

Here is what Mego had to say about the Freddy:

Some of you may have heard rumblings that our new Freddy is a Limited Edition run, but haven’t seen pictures showing it to be a variant. The issue is a little more complicated than a limited production variant run. While there are a couple of small changes to our new Freddy, the reason this will become an extremely limited item is that the licensor (Warner Bros) is not allowing us to ship any more goods after June of this year. Though we don’t know the reason for sure, we believe that either the actor has pulled his likeness or they have lost the license. Again, we don’t know why…all we know is that this is Freddy’s last run within our licensing rights!

There will be two versions of Freddy on the market by June. The first version has a green glove and is currently available, while the second and last version will have a brown glove according to Paul Clarke and is part of the Wave 6 distribution scheduled for June release. *

Freddy fans and toy collectors better start stocking up on the figure, as it could be a valuable item one day. The figures are already limited to a small run, and this news could make the Freddy a very hot commodity.

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