MEGO Reveals New Toy Licenses With Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Twisted Sister and… Harry Potter?!

UPDATE: We just heard back from MEGO about the Harry Potter figures, and their official word was that they “could not confirm anything at this time”. Looks like we will have to wait some more, but the buzz is brewing now for this line!

Our friends at MEGO Corp. had a very busy 2018, and are looking to keep up their momentum in 2019 and beyond. We saw many of their new figures during NY Toy Fair 2019, but it seems Marty Abrams had a few other tricks hidden up his sleeves, as he just publicly announced a bunch of other new licenses coming up.

In an interview with aNB Media on their ShopTalk show, Abrams revealed that they will be producing figures of Marilyn Manson, Alice Copper, and Twisted Sister. MEGO was the first company to ever produce KISS action figures, so hard rock is an easy fit for the company.

Additionally, Marty discussed the Stan Lee line they announced during NYTF, and expanded on it saying they have the rights to “pretty much everything” surrounding Stan Lee. That could include the legendary man himself, as well as this line of never-before-seen superheroes they previously mentioned.

However, what was most interesting was that during this interview, some b-roll footage was flashed of a head sculpt of Alan Rickman as Severus Snape from the Harry Potter movies. Is this a sneaky way of saying they have the rights to this license now?

Check out the video below:

And below is a screenshot of the Severus Snape head sculpt.

We have reached out to representatives at MEGO for a definitive answers on this. We will update this post once we get official word about whether or not this is part of a new line, or just some random b-roll to sow what a rotational head sculpt looks like from the people who made this video.

News via The Mego Museum

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