Mezco teases new items for Batman Day, including new Batmobile

Happy Batman Day! Batman (or rather, The Bat-Man back when he was first created) made his first appearance in Detective Comics #27 in May, 1939. 79 years later, his story is still being retold in print and on screen, a true testament to the Dark Knight’s status as a cultural icon. Batman Day honors this legacy built by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and many companies are doing something for this momentous occasion.

Mezco Toyz has done some killer work with their Batman figures in the One: 12 collective, and today they opened up preorders for two figures, a purple suit variant of Catwoman, and Sovereign Knight Batman, which is the second part of their Batman action figure trilogy telling the story of the caped crusader.

Most exciting is that Mezco gave us a sneak peek of some new Bat-related items coming down the pipe. First up, is a One:12 collective figure of Commissioner Gordon, complete with Bat Signal:

They also shared the video below, teasing their take on the Batmobile:

No date on when we can expect either of these items, but Mezco tends to take these things slow and steady. You should have plenty of time to gather organs to sell (yours or others) to prepare for the enormous Batmobile, so start saving!

* This website does not condone harvesting organs to pay for toys. Pyramid schemes, however…

In the meantime, if you are on the fence about these figures, we suggest you take a look at our review of the One:12 Collective Batman figure we got during Toy Fair 2018. Prepare to be blown away!

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