Minimalist “Metroid” shirt will suck your brains out… with Awesome!

There are not enough shirts to honor “Metroid” these days. Sure, there are plenty of fan-fictions that honor Samus Aran, and those are best left unread unless you want to know what else those meddling metroids like to suck on. The folks at Destructoid have just released this minimalist green shirt featuring the face, or practically the entire body, of one of the creepiest aliens ever in a video game.

The shirt was designed by Baltazar “Fluffy Pancakes” Rosiles, and comes in sizes S-3XL. Each one sells for 18.95, plus shipping & handling. You can order this shirt here, as well as an embroidered version of it on a skull cap for $16.Even in the dark, you will never feel alone with the metroid’s triple set of eye staring at you… forever staring… and never blinking…

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