New 12″ Robocop figures on the way from Hot Toys

Fresh off their announcement of an updated re-release of their Iron Man Mark 1 action figure, Hot Toys has announced plans for another re-release of a classic figure, as well as a totally new addition to the line.

Here is the press release from HT:

In 2006, we have launched our first RoboCop which is very much liked by our fans.

Over these years, we have accumulated some experience in developing mechanically-related figures such as the Iron Man series.

As we have heard from fans that they are still longing for the Robocop series, here we are happy to announce that we have put our efforts again in the Robocop series, this time bringing to fans with the RoboCop with our most updated technology, as well as the 1/6th scale Cain collectible from the second episode.

This is good news for newer fans who want a second shot at these figures without paying the high prices on them from eBay, but also an enraging moment for longtime fans of the figures who would most likely rather have a totally new figure from a different franchise. At least with the addition of Cain, collectors can get the best of both worlds.

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