New “Fairy Tail” Key Art Released As Series Finale Draws Near

One of my favorite anime series, “Fairy Tail” is coming to an end soon after an impressive run. As the finale date inches closer and closer, a new poster has popped up from the creators to hype the event.

Here is the image:

The poster doesn’t tell us much but it sure looks dramatic, and there is a lot of fire and flames. Perhaps something very big is headed for Natsu and Happy! The image (with 14 characters in it) also includes Lucy, Grey, Elsa, and Alvarez Empire guard Larcade Dragneel

The “Fairy Tail” anime has over 300 episodes, with the final season of the show starting in October 2018. The next episode, “White Dragneel”, airs on April 21, 2019.

The final season of “Fairy Tail” is currently airing Sundays at 7 PM on TV Tokyo 6 stations (TV Tokyo / TV Osaka / TV Aichi / TV Hokkaido / TV Setouchi / TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting).

News originally via Anime!Anime!, translated by OtakuMode

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