New York Toy Fair 2013: “ThinkGeek” booth

NerdNewsToday favorite “ThinkGeek” was at NY Toy Fair 2013, and their booth is perpetually a place of fun, nostalgia, and awesome all mixed into one.

While the booth did no justice to the massive amount of epic nerdom that lives on their online store, they did bring their Star Trek cookie cutters, MODOK mug, Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter, Portal mini-gun and turrets (plus Wheatley, because why not), and their Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver electric toothbrush to name a few.

The company also had some new Minecraft items, including a light-up Minecraft torch and block of red ore, and two new iPhone cases – one in the design of an earthen brick and another with the face of a Creeper on it.

A big hit at their booth was their Squirming Tentacle USB toy, which is purley a long tentacle that squirms around. It doesn’t do a damn thing else, but man, is it great! Also unveiled at the show was their series of geeky scented candles, which includes such fresh smells like “Middle Earth”, “Teen Spirit”, “Space”, and “Retro Arcade”, which all smell exactly as you would imagine them (especially “Teen Spirit”, for better or worse). Check out the photo gallery below for more!

You can check out much more from ThinkGeek on their website.

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