New York Toy Fair 2013: “Tokidoki” Booth

Haters of cutesy toys, turn your heads away from your computers! “Tokidoki” was at NY Toy Fair 2013 with a ton of new apparel, plushies, blind box toys, and other items coming out this year.

“Donutella” continues to grow her line with a series of full-size plushies as well as blind box mini plush toys. One of the hot new items are cell phone accessories, which includes headphones (can you believe that is now categorized as a cell phone accessory!), and plugs for your jack to decorate with diminutive Tokidoki characters.

The company also announced a deal with Sharpie markers to make a do-it-yourself vinyl toy featuring their equine “Unicorn” character that should make Bronies everywhere happy. There is also a new series of Frenzies, which feature a “Punk Rock” theme, aptly named “Punk Star”!

Unfortunately, Tokidoki is no longer producing any Frenzies based on their Marvel Comics license since their contract ended. However, they are producing some apparel with Capcom’s “Street Fighter” characters combined with Toki Doki’s, so who knows what else we might see from that synergy.

Check out the gallery below for more images!

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