NY Toy Fair 2016: Playmobil booth tour – VIDEO

Playmobil always has one of the biggest booths and the most stuff to take photos or video of, and this year was no exception. What they lack in licenses like Lego has, Playmobil has been a trusted brand for just as long with their line of fantasy and their versions of everyday life that capture kids imaginations. Space travel, pirates, princesses, jungles, zoos, and everything in between (even a Porsche dealership) – Playmobil has it all.

The new key item for the company this year is their NHL line, which features 17 actual pro Hockey teams from the NHL. Two-packs of figures will be available, along with a giant hockey rink and other items to complete this line. Playmobil will also continue their blind bag line of mystery figures with an all-female wave later this year.

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