NY Toy Fair 2016: Quantum Mechanix – Firefly, Star Trek, DC, Supernatural – VIDEO

Quantum Mechanix has been under our radar for too long, and NY Toy Fair 2016 was the perfect place to get to know this great company.

Take a look at some of their newest offerings, including new replicas of famous ships from nerdom including the Keaton era Batwing, Star Trek ships, and The Milano from “Guardians of the Galaxy”. QmX also showed off their 12-inch Firefly Malcolm Reynolds figure, as well as Spock and Captain Kirk, plus their Q figures from DC Comics that I now need to have on my desk.

Fans of Supernatural can now look forward to statues of Sam and Dean Winchester from this company, and hopefully much more if these sell well (so you saltgunners, hunters, and wayward sons need to jump on these). There is plenty more to see so check out the video get the 411 from Quantum Mechanix.

I apologize for the random part of this video that has no audio and is only b-roll (which is thankfully very short). As I learned, banging out 48 videos in five days can lead to some mistakes, and luckily this was the only one I made that I could have prevented. My apologies for that, but I hope you enjoy the rest of the video.

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