Optimus Prime Joins The Ghostbusters With New Transformer Figure

2019 is the 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters, and the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters 2. Plenty is happening to mark this special occassion, like the Ghostbusters Fan Fest in June, and lots of merchandise tie-ins. One that has slipped under the radar was a Transformer toy – no, not Ectotron – that had not been confirmed as being an actual product. Now, we have proof and confirmation that this thing is real!

TFCLUB变形金刚联盟 Weibo has the scoop on this repaint of the Masterpiece edition Optimus Prime, decked out in Ghostbusters colors. The MP-10 GB Optimus comes with a trailer, which supposedly can fit Ectotron inside.

This special Optimus also includes a ghost-trap accessory that can be mounted on top or Roller is included.

Plus, it also has a Slimer figure, similar to the one that comes with Ectotron, except this one is fully painted.

The alt mode is mostly white with the trailer decorated with a red stripe and a Ghostbusters logo, and to top it all green slime splashes over it. The trailer also features the phrases “Call us 555-2568” and “We’re ready to believe you” on the side, and we hope you got that reference.

We also have a look at the packaging, showcasing the figure in truck mode and labeled as “MP-1GB Optimus Prime Ecto 35 Edition”.

The figure is expected to be officially unveiled at SDCC 2019, but it better not be sold exclusively there!

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