More From the Mooks: Lets Play Xenoblade Chronicles and Halo 4

Your fifth or sixth favorite Lets Play series continues with action packed FPS Halo 4 and action devoid JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles. Every day the Mooks play popular games and discuss design aspects of those games and how they apply to the future. They also make cruel jokes. Every Wednesday NerdNewsToday presents the most recent Mooks’ ventures, embedded below. To see daily updates, check out the Mooks’ youtube channel.

DVD Review- Nitro Circus: The Movie

Nitro Circus: The Movie is a DVD released today and something that is very difficult to explain. Anyone who is in touch with the Xtreme Sports culture, dating back to the 90’s when “extreme” began with an X, is probably already familiar with the Nitro Circus. The contemporary stunt show is populated with well known Xtreme athletes, including X-games household name and Nitro Circus poster boy Travis Pastrana. Nitro Circus also had a TV show that people familiar with this niche type of entertainment have no doubt seen before.

DVD Review- Outpost: Black Sun

Outpost: Black Sun is a European horror movie recently released on DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack in the US. The movie is about a young woman Nazi hunter named Lena who, in pursuit of the last of a group of aging war criminals, is reunited with a theoretical physicist friend Wallace in Eastern Europe. Together they discover a group of former SS members who’ve turned themselves into immortal monsters using the power of electromagnets.

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