“Spider-Man: Far from Home” and “Captain Marvel” toys – Hasbro at Toy Fair 2019

Check out the new “Spider-Man: Far from Home”, “Spider-Man into the Spiderverse”, and “Captain Marvel” toys coming from Hasbro later this Spring and Summer, seen during NY Toy Fair 2019. This includes action figures, dolls, and roleplay weapons.

Boss Fight Studio “Gladiator Accessory Set” Unboxing – Toy Fair 2019

Erik Arana of Boss Fight Studio unboxes their brand new “Gladiator Accessory Set” from their Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. line, a customizable line of 3.75″ action figures in a variety of styles including G.I. Joe-esque soldiers, medieval Fantasy characters, and now Roman Gladiators.

“Overwatch” figures by Hasbro – Toy Fair 2019

Check out the debuting Overwatch figures from Hasbro, unveiled at NY Toy Fair 2019.The first series includes single figures of Tracer, Lucio, Blackwatch Reaper, and Sombra, along with a duo of two-packs with Mercy & Pharah, and Soldier 76 and Ana. Plus, a deluxe figure of Reinhardt, Nerf guns, and Overwatch Monopoly!

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