Pow “Mo” Expandable Wireless Speaker Review

The best wireless bluetooth speaker on the market that actually fits in your pocket? Has to be seen to be believed, but the Pow "Mo" Wireless Speaker does that all, and sounds great while doing it!

Wireless speakers are becoming what boom boxes were in the 80’s and 90’s – a way to listen to music wherever you go, however loud you want to. Thankfully, this is the modern era of technology where you don’t have to lug a giant stereo across your shoulders, and instead can opt for something much smaller. Case in point, the new Mo expandable wireless speaker from Pow Audio. There are small speakers on the market, but not many that are as tiny as this that also pack tons of audio potency.

Measuring at 3 1/2 inches long, and only an inch high when collapsed and two when fully extended, the Mo speaker is a powerhouse of portable sound. It features their special Wavebloom audio expansion chamber, which comes into play when you expand the speaker to those whopping two inches (insert sarcasm here since that’s SO SMOL) and adds more bass via the air pocket created when you lengthen the speaker. Once you expand it, there is a noticeable difference in the audio, so it’s not just a marketing ploy and does perform as promised. Collapsed into that compact form, it easily fits in any pants pocket, even alongside a phone (more on how that works in a bit).

Since this is wireless, pairing it via Bluetooth with your phone or whatever other device you have is pretty easy. Simply press the Bluetooth button and make sure Bluetooth is activated on your device, and they should link up with no problems. Even cooler, you can link up a second Mo speaker to have an enhanced audio experience! You’ll know you did it right when they say “United we expand”, which is kind of cool hearing your speakers sound like Autobots unlocking the Matrix of Leadership. It’s perfect for listening to music and sounds amazingly crisp and clean. It was almost like using headphones with how clean it was! However, with videos, there is a very slight lag to it. It’s not enough to make me not want to use the Mo when watching videos or a deal breaker for buying this, because that sound is still top-notch, but it is noticeable.

The tininess is one of the coolest parts of the Mo, but extending the speaker to make it bigger is one of the downsides of this device, at least initially. There is no release button or anything to allow it to extend and collapse, it’s all in the hands of the user – literally. You will find yourself fighting with it as you try to figure out the best way to pull it out. The instructions explain that you have to do it side-by-side rather than yank it straight out. Focus on one side, and once that part pops up, the remaining side effortlessly follows. It’s all about being able to pull it out of that first side, but it takes much more strength than I was expecting. To be fair, all of their video advertising does show this as being the ideal way to expand the Mo, but it appears much easier in those adverts. This might be a feature that gets easier the more you use it, but at least my first impression of it is be prepared for a bit of a fight each time you expand the Mo. Fingers crossed it either gets easier the more it is used, or you develop amazing grip strength that makes you the best arm wrestler in your state. That said, expanding it does change the sound so it’s worth it for that, but you don’t need to enjoy this item.

The USB port and only two buttons on the Mo (Power and Bluetooth connector) peek out from one of the sides, and are accessible without expanding it as long as you don’t have big fingers. Otherwise, you may need to expand it to access the buttons, although the USB port is always available for easy plugging. A diminutive red light shines from underneath the buttons to let you know its charging, and will shut off once it’s finished. It’s not the easiest to see, so you may want to expand it to keep a better eye on it. Charge time is about two hours, but when I took this out of the box it was already partially charged and took less than 30 minutes to finish. The manufacturer claims the device will function for eight hours until it needs to be recharged, a very solid duration of time for a device like this. Part of me wishes the buttons were in a better spot on the device though, but I imagine part of having them hidden like this is to prevent accidental touching if they are in your pocket. However, I think you could accomplish that by having them on top or bottom instead of the side, and then it would be such a big deal to have them tucked under the expandable portion.

The Mo comes with a few accessories when you order one, and they are all very handy and useful. Inside your box, you will also get a magnetic wallet attachment with space for cards or whatever (this is where the instructions for the Mo are when you first open the box), and an adhesive mount with magnets that you can attach to whatever you want. Anything metallic, they can hang onto, and it’s very powerful. They also sell a phone case called the Click Case so you can attach this to your phone, which is pretty cool too. I liked attaching the Mo to my refrigerator, and it held on with a vice-like grip to that fridge door. As of now, the Mo only comes in two colors, Snow (white) and Graphite (dark grey), but I am sure there will be plans to make more colors in the near future if this sells well.

Having dual Mo speakers is one of the selling points of Pow for this product, and it definitely does make things louder, but I think users will be just as happy with one Mo. I personally prefer it as a compact speaker, rather than expanded, but it’s nice to know I have the option. The Mo squeezes a lot of audio muscle into such a pint-sized physique, and I can see definitely taking the place over other products in the wireless speaker marketplace. This speaker produces some killer sound in a size that has to be seen to be believed. I definitely recommend the Mo, and can see users getting a lot of mileage from this surprisingly sized speaker.

You can order the POW Mo Expandable Wireless Speaker and Universal Click Mount & Wallet from Amazon using this link here. This is an Amazon Affiliate link, it costs you nothing extra when you order using it and it helps us out a great deal!

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