“Scareglow” MOTUC Action Figure Review

One of the more obscure characters, as well as rarer figures, from the original “Masters of the Universe” line was Scareglow. This living skeleton was just as buff as Skeletor, which made less sense considering he was supposed to be a ghost made of muscle and bone. No one questioned things like this in the 1980’s, it just seemed right. Here in the 21st century, things like this have become even more awesome.

Matty Collector re-released their take on Scareglow for their “Masters of the Universe Classics” line, giving him quite the upgrade from his original toy, as well as making him easier to find. Today, we are reviewing this MOTUC version of Scareglow, who according to the packaging is an “Evil skeleton serving Skeletor,” to see if he was worth reviving for the line, or better off dead.


Scareglow comes in the same packaging you have seen all of the other MOTUC figures. You can clearly see everything you are getting with this figure, right down to his ancient reliquary accessory.

The only difference Scareglow has between other figures in this line is on the side of his package, where it shows off his glow-in-the-dark feature. It’s a small change, but I like that it comes off more like a toy meant for play by showcasing that special touch this figure has. Not many of the MOTUC figures have an additional level of play like that, so it breaks up the monotony nicely.


Scareglow is basically a recycle of Skeletor parts from top to bottom, with the exception of his head being totally bare and not cloaked. The buck is the same we have seen in every other barrel chested MOTUC figure as well, so the only real new part is that head, which is not exactly 100% new as we just stated. His skull does have a nice crack down the middle of it, so this Scareglow fellow has definitely seen some action (which me most likely lost, since otherwise, he would not have a giant gash in his brain nor be a ghost).

His fingers easily grab all of his accessories firmly in his clutches, and he stands up perfectly balanced, even with that hefty cape hanging off of his head. Nothing too special or original about this body, but where this figure really stands out in his paint job. The glowing feature is very strong and bright, and makes for a creepy centerpiece in any MOTUC fan’s collection. This feature also added a lot of mainstream appeal to him, as I know many people who bought him based solely on his appearance because of the paint job.


That all-too-familiar buck is augmented with a tremendously unique and eye-catching paint job. There is absolutely no sloppiness on this figure other than a couple of diminutive flecks of black around his eyes, but it does not detract from the rest of the figure.

This is the only MOTUC figure with a glow in the dark feature, and Mattel really took advantage of that. This paint job adds a ghostly aura to an otherwise typical body, and makes him seem like a completely new toy.


Scareglow comes with his scythe of doom and his cursed Greyskull reliquary. The scythe is the halberd we have seen with some other figures in this line, but it comes in a unique green and white color scheme, exactly like the one that came with the original figure. His blade also glows in the dark, which is a great secret feature.

His reliquary is attached to his wrist with a gauntlet, which snaps off his forearm easily. The detailing on the tiny reliquary is phenomenal, with an engraving of Castle Greyskull on the top of it. The coolest thing about this accessory is the hidden feature it has. The top of the reliquary pops off, revealing a secret compartment that holds a skeleton key in it.

Scareglow’s cape is removable when you pop his head off, and has a very cool transparency on the bottom of it (which you can see in the photo gallery below). That little touch goes a long way with the theme of this ghoulish apparition.


Scareglow has the same 19 points of articulation that all other MOTUC figures have, although his neck movement is stifled by his thick cape. The real fun in him comes from the great glow-in-the-dark feature, which as you can see above works perfectly.

Not many MOTUC figures have an extra special touch to enhance the play-factor of them, but when Mattel does it, they really do it big time! The reliquary is a fun feature too, since it can be clipped onto any figure and the hidden key inside it opens this accessory up to tons of good times out of the box.

Final Verdict:

I wish I was collecting MOTUC figures when the line first started, because not having this figure for so long was awful. Now that I have it, it has become a centerpiece of my collection. The unique glow feature takes this toy to a whole different level compared to the others, even if it is just a simple skeleton painted over your average buck. There are many recycled parts here, but they all add up to one exceptional figure.

You can actually find Scareglow on Amazon at pretty reasonable prices, and he is totally worth buying if you do not already have him. If you are not a fan of the MOTUC line, chances are this figure would fit into whatever you are collecting, and if not, still makes a fine addition to any collection. How can you go wrong with a muscled-up glowing skeleton?

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