Simon Pegg Comments on “Star Trek Beyond” Reshoots

STAR TREK BEYOND co-writer Simon Pegg spoke with Collider recently about the film’s post-production status, in particular the reshoots that happened in March in SoCal.

Pegg had this to say about the situation:

This always happens in filmmaking. Often, when you get into the edit and you look at the movie and think, “Oh, it’s a shame we didn’t get that reaction shot” or, “Maybe in this scene we could have brought in [some] aspect of the developing plot.”

So, having a cut of the movie, we were able to assess – and thankfully, given the freedom – to go in and do touch-up kind of things on what we already had, which is a great opportunity.

Of course, when you write a screenplay and you film the whole thing, [the running time] is usually a lot longer than you anticipate it being, and invariably it’ll have to come down. When you cut stuff out of a movie, sometimes you have to go back in and make sure the [story flow] is all shored up.

It was just a bit of that, really. A very routine, very quick, and fun thing to do since we got to see each other again.

I think the term ‘reshoot’ often feels like “Oh, you’ve got to do it again?” When in actual fact it’s more like pickups, more like looking for moments where the film can just be finessed.

So Trek fans have nothing to worry about, it is all part of the magic of making a movie!

Pegg also added that the film is in good hands with new director Justin Lin at the helm, and will not be “Fast & Furious in Space.”

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