Simon Pegg Says Star Trek 3 Script Almost Done, Filming To Start Soon

It looks like the third Star Trek film is getting closer to starting production, as the script is nearly ready. After that, it will turn into crunch time as the crew rushes to complete filming to meet a pretty tight deadline.

In a brief new interview with Hey U GuysStar Trek 3 writer and co-star Simon Pegg revealed some more insight into the rush to complete the next Trek film ahead of the looming launch of production in July.

We’ve got a draft, and now we’re doing notes on the draft. The time’s all squeezed, you know, because it’s kind of like… uh… we start shooting in six weeks!

I laugh when I say that, but really, I am terrified. It’s a very compressed process, but I think it’s bringing out the best in us and it’s an interesting experience.

You can hear what Pegg had to say about this starting at the 1:50 mark below:

The third film in the Trek trilogy series is expected for a release in summer 2016.

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