Songster Creates “Perfect PokeRap” With All 812 Pokemon Names

Remember the rap song at the end of the Pokemon cartoon that listed all 150 characters? Other versions have come and gone, but at last we have a PokeRap with EVERY. SINGLE. POKEMON. EVER.

Polygon Video Producer Brian David Gilbert debuted his “Perfect PokeRap” during a panel at PAX East 2019. Gilbert kicked things off with a bit of a comedy routine and explanation of the process to make this masterpiece, and while it is a long video, it’s worth the watch. It’s been years since an updated version of the PokeRap was made, and I am glad someone took it into their own hands to get the job done. This is what true vigilante justice looks like.

Check out the video below, with the rap starting around 24 minutes in:

RIP Terry the Tangela

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