“Star Trek” Reboot TV Series To Start Filming In Fall, Will Air on CBS’ Digital Pay Platform

The upcoming Star Trek reboot has finally revealed some details about the series, and some of them may be cause for concern to some fans.

CBS has announced that filming for the series will begin this Fall in Toronto, Canada. CBS TV Studios announced the news on their Twitter:

Additionally, according to Trek Core, during CBS first-quarter earnings conference call, CBS president Les Moonves explained that the series will not be on broadcast television, but will be part of their All Access streaming service next year.

[“Star Trek”] will be episodic, week by week. It won’t be the Netflix [way].

CBS All Access is the only place to get the entire ‘stack’ of CBS shows, and this January, we will begin streaming our first original series. All Access will be the home of the first original “Star Trek” series in eleven years.

[The premiere episode of] “Star Trek” will debut simultaneously on All Access and the CBS television network, with subsequent episodes exclusively on All Access.

We have one of the best creative teams behind this show, and we’re confident that its large, passionate fan base will lead to substantial, profitable subscriber growth.

Once again, every other streaming service was after “Star Trek.” We could have cashed in for a lot of money, selling it to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu… they were all very interested in it.

We know that “Star Trek” is a high-priced, quality product, and – knowing that we will have very strong international sales which we are already getting in – it’s important that we show everybody that All Access is a priority for us… and there are a lot of very rabid “Star Trek” fans who are going sign up for it.

Unfortunately, that means fans will have to join their subscription based service to access the series, rather than watch it on free TV. International markets may fare better, but for North America – this is our fate.

Bryan Fuller, who started his writing career with the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager TV series, is co-creator and executive producer of the new series. Shepherded by Alex Kurtzman who also exec produces, the series is slated to premiere in January 2017 with a preview broadcast on CBS followed by an exclusive run in the U.S. on CBS All Access.

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