“Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Ice Cube Tray” Review

Star Wars merchandise has always been unusual. The license has been used by so many companies to make great things like books and action figures, and more unique items like chopsticks and cookie jars. Made by Kotobukiya, the “Star Wars Han Solo Carbonite Ice Cube tray” is one of those more peculiar items, and today we are going to take a look at this novelty item and see if it is worth spending your hard-earned cash on.

The silicone rubber tray measures six inches long and four and 1/4 inches top to bottom, with the small spots for the cubes just under half-an-inch deep and the large spot under 3/4″ deep. The underside of the tray has flat portions where the molds are, to ensure that your ice cubes retain the shape of Han Solo without being crushed by the interior of your freezer.

I was curious about any multi-purpose uses for this ice cube tray, like using it as a mold for chocolate. However, it is recommended that you not use hot liquids in this since it may warp the shape of the tray. More importantly, who knows what chemical reactions might be caused from the heat with the rubber, so even if you made a chocolate mold of Han Solo without ruining the tray, you might be poisoning yourself instead. On the plus side, your epitaph would be “Han shot first.” I can not condone it, but I will investigate further using this as a mold, but if you really want a chocolate Han, you might as well buy one from ThinkGeek directly!

I filled the tray up with water and stuck it in the freezer to see how long it would take to freeze. If you are in a rush to use this ice in a short time frame, it should be noted that the larger slot will take at least twice as long as the other slots to completely freeze solid, but within an hour or more, all the spots should be ready to go (unless you feel like setting your freezer from the medium level to a higher one).

Here we are once everything was frozen! The ice cubes perfectly pick up the tiny likeness of Harrison Ford, although with water it will be harder to see this. In later photos, I used red gatorade to make the image easier for you to see. I was surprised by how well the detail looks on these tiny ones, and especially on the larger ice cube. This is definitely Han Solo in carbonite in ice form. I imagine this is what the bartender in the Mos Eisley cantina puts in his cold drinks, or would have if he was not from a time long, long ago.

Using the red gatorade, the detail becomes a bit clearer. The problem with freezing plain water is that you will get “freezer burn” which will make your ice more opague. Colored water will make Han be more visible, and I recommend using that instead of uncolored water. The cubes, or ice rectangles to be more accurate, easily pop out thanks to the soft silicone tray, meaning you don’t need to get rough with the tray to yank them out after they have froze.

Overall, this is a fun novelty item with a lot of uses. If you like to throw parties, the Han Solo ice cube tray will be a great conversation-starter, especially with its two different sizes, and be a cute addition to alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

This tray sells for $10 on ThinkGeek at this link here, and makes for a perfect stocking-stuffer, gift for an office party, or something for your favorite Star Wars fan. I give this two thumbs up for the fun factor and practicality of this far-fetched item. If only they had a book on how to make Star Wars-themed mixed drinks to complete this item…

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Check out the photo gallery below for more images of the Han Solo Carbonite Ice Cube tray!

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